10 ideas for your live brand

• The brand should be interesting – if it is not, then its place is a different brand

• The brand should also have a purpose and it should be needed on the market

• Advertising can only increase the level of recognition of the brand.

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Brand style of the university is a comprehensive approach

Corporate identity is part of the university’s image. This is an indicator of the institution’s philosophy and its corporate culture, because in corporate style it is possible to determine which people work, how respectable and promising they are. All leading universities implement it, because it is part of the corporate culture.

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7 components of a strong brand

1. Goal

The goal of your brand is to understand why you wake up every morning and do your work. Profit is important for every business, but remember how you lovely brands are becoming successful. For example, such as IKEA: the goal of this company is not just to sell furniture, but to create a better life and comfort in your home. It attracts customers and guarantees sales.

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How to create a good advertisement?

• If they talk about advertising – this is a bad advertisement; if they talk about a product – this is a good ad.

• Just make good advertising and customers will come.

• Leaders pay special attention and to their advertising too

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