Which Digital marketing or SMM – agency to choose?

Today, one of the most productive digital marketing tools is Social Media Marketing, with more than 1 billion users registered on Facebook and Instagram, 80% of them follow business brands and 39% use services or buy products through social networks. It allows you to successfully attract attention to a service, brand, product through promotion on various social platforms, thematic forums or on social networks.

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Why do you like this product?

To the question: “Why do you like this product?” people usually say it’s all about its characteristics.

Good sound, large memory, fashionable design, etc. Moreover, they are sure that this is true. A person can easily say what he or she likes. And then come up with reasons why this is so. Although the choice of time is influenced by very strange reasons.

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Henry Ford’s notes.

Serve others.

“A business absolutely dedicated to services will have little concern about profit. It will be indecently large.
The secret to success lies in serving others. All successful people serve, the greater the success, the greater the service.
Wealth is created from services, and comes only through services. Ford said: “Wealth, just like happiness, cannot be achieved by direct search. It comes as a by-product of providing useful services. And how do you serve?

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TikTok: SMM phenomenon

All of you may have heard of the TikTok video editor app. It can surely be called “The Discovery of the Year”. Moreover, the app within its functioning is wider than the usual social network where you share your videos with cool masks and effects.

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Toyota: principles of the company

The Toyota car manufacturing company is one of the leading sales companies in the international auto market. Doubtless, because the company has its own philosophy, which in a way is the embodiment of the Japanese culture. Believe us, that this philosophy is not limited with Ikigai alone.

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The golden rule of marketing: how Branson has begun to conquer space

Richard Branson is considered to be one of the greatest business innovators of the 21st century due to his curious approaches: from communicating with partners sitting on hammocks to making costumes for space tourists. This is interesting, isn’t it? Thus, are you interested in Virgin’s Golden Rule of Marketing? We think so. And this rule is concise: the idea is above everything. Why?

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