Since 2009, we have completed a huge number of projects. Here, only a small part of what we are proud of in our work.

Banner Ads Google Ads

Advertising products and services using super visible banners.
Would you like to receive visitors to your site who are interested in your offer, and not just thousands of conversions without feedback?
To do this, you fit banner ads in Google Ads.

Promotion on Facebook

Many people have Facebook Business Page. It is dedicated to services, goods, etc.
Of course, you can promote the page for free, but it's very long and very inefficient
If you have a bunch of time to do a free promotion - spam, invite people, comment on pages, and so on, then some people will subscribe to you. But this is unlikely exactly the audience you want!
Want to attract more potential customers to your niche? Write and leave an application!

Advance to Instagram

Promotion of business in Instagram for the target audience.
Attracting customers for your business exclusively official advertising, advertising on blogs, and public Instagram!
No bots, no spam, no ban!
- Free audit and analysis of your instagram profile!
- Selling design!
- Content plan - recommendations for content, description and tags!

Promotion of events in social networks

Social networks provide convenient ways to promote not only physical goods and services, but also entire events, both entertaining and cognitive. In some cases, you can limit yourself to this channel only, for example, if the potential audience is actively using the social network.

Website development and creation

Website development and creation is a completely ready start on the Internet, for large and small companies, private businesses. Depending on the features of e-commerce, the subject matter of the site, the possibilities of the budget, we develop projects of virtual sites that will not only effectively present your business on the Internet, but will also lead to an unlimited flow of visitors and customers.

Logo – how should it be?

Symbolic logo – used for abstract image of your business.

The printing logo is the simplest of all types of logos, the design of the logo contains only the name of your firm in a certain font.

Brand-style of the project “Pitching” for the British Council in Ukraine

Brand-style is identification in the graphic performance of your brand! It is very important that you remember, and the main thing is allocated among competitors!

PR support for the Grand Euro Party by Eduard Romanyuta at Olmeca Plage with the participation of Eurovision participants and finalists

In the organization of events there are no the beginners. After all, it is the small things that give the events a special atmosphere and create a sense of thought, and therefore – a high level.

Brand style of the university is a comprehensive approach

Corporate identity is part of the university’s image. This is an indicator of the institution’s philosophy and its corporate culture, because in corporate style it is possible to determine which people work, how respectable and promising they are. All leading universities implement it, because it is part of the corporate culture.

Corporate clothes for the dealers of Samsung, Oriflame etc.

Branded clothing for your staff or staff is always a great idea! Raises efficiency, advertises your services or goods, makes life easier for those who wear it and strengthens the team spirit!

Style for outdoor advertising for customers from Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Germany, Romania

The outdoor ad is the face of the organization, a business card of the office, a shop, a restaurant … It “talks” about you, impresses, interests, attracts attention and as a magnet subconsciously attracts customers.

Design and manufacturing of photo walls for "Stella Harmony"

In the process of organizing the event is always a question of the need for a certain area to photograph guests. Any event will become brighter and more interesting if a photo area will appear on your holiday.

Corporate style for “e.l.f.”

The brand of cosmetics must have a vivid memory that reflects the mood of the company and its specifics. A well-executed corporate style speaks about quality of services of the company, about its professional approach to details.

Design and manufacture of labels - labels for honey

The label is what the buyer first draws attention to, and then becomes familiar with the characteristics of the product and makes a decision about the purchase. It should be balanced approach to the text content while successfully combine the color gamut.