Internet marketing after quarantine

Quarantine has changed our way of life, turned traditional commerce upside down and forced all marketing campaigns to turn 180 degrees and run in a new direction.

Due to long-term social isolation, some marketing tools have lost their effectiveness. Digital marketing is almost the only tool that now works at full capacity.

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3 terms – SEO, SEM and SMM. What do they mean?

Not all programmers, marketers, and entrepreneurs who own websites have often ever heard terms like SEO, SEM or SMM. We suggest today to talk about these abbreviations and their meaning to us.

These acronyms have already appeared on the Internet. But what do these terms mean, and what is the difference between them? Let us define each of them and what sets them apart.

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Social media marketing and its benefits

 Internet is becoming more and more popular and a powerful media for everyone. Today, people are active users of the Internet, and therefore, today the most successful and unusual way of promoting any type of goods, services or products is social media marketing SMM (Social media marketing), which uses for its purposes social networks. Social media advertising is the newest type of internet marketing because it actually defines the target audience.

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Ключевые слова лежат в основе каждой кампании в AdWords.

Google Ads. 5 simple steps to optimize your keywords.

Keywords are at the heart of every Google Ads campaign. It doesn’t matter if your campaign is well or poorly optimized, if you don’t have the right keywords, you may run into a problem.

The more accurately the phrases and words are determined by which the ad will be displayed, the more effective contextual advertising is both in terms of impact and cost.

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