TOP 8 rules of Internet etiquette

Today, most people consider the Internet as a powerful means of solving business problems, an effective tool of doing business. This kind of maintenance and development of business, communication with customers and business partners, analytical research, collect the information needed to resolve production issues, training and the like.

In order to communicate in the virtual space was alive, simple and useful need to adhere to the netiquette. Yes, it is network etiquette gives the opportunity for personal growth regardless of your location and your interlocutor. Special attention in network communication and solving different kind of questions requires a period of quarantine. So we decided to share with you valuable rules of Internet etiquette, see below.

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Does the starting price affect sales?

    In business, since the auction price is a barrier to entry. The lower it is, the more people will be able to participate in the auction. And if much higher – on the contrary. The more people go to your page, the more the social influence factor is: “look, everyone needs this service”. This is how automakers operate, offering basic car accessories and optional items. Fiverr’s service is also organized the same : in order to get the order, you have to put the lowest possible price, and additional services – for an additional fee.

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Free Breakfast Effect in marketing

People always like free offers. They are not interested in usefulness, consistency and relevance. They are interested only in the fact that it is free. It is like a trigger.

Just imagine that someone is offering you a “good” candy for 10 dollars and “not good,” but for 1 dollar. Which would you choose? Most likely “good.” However, what happens if a candy “not good” costs 0 dollars and 0 cents?

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Why do you like this product?

To the question: “Why do you like this product?” people usually say it’s all about its characteristics.

Good sound, large memory, fashionable design, etc. Moreover, they are sure that this is true. A person can easily say what he or she likes. And then come up with reasons why this is so. Although the choice of time is influenced by very strange reasons.

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