Digital marketing is the marketing of the future


Digital marketing is a reality that almost every business faces today, and therefore, managers should at least beware that, as researchers note, most firms lack the skills necessary to operate confidently in this area.

Digital marketing is perhaps the most flexible of the spheres of business that can be fully distinguished into a separate industry or industry. If until recently, in the production of products, the main factors were new technologies and cost reduction, today sales are directly dependent on marketing.

Digital marketing has become extremely popular for small businesses. More than one third (35%) of small businesses are more likely to invest in digital marketing than traditional marketing.

Today, digital marketing uses five digital channels:

1) Internet and devices providing access to it (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.)

 2) mobile devices;

 3) local area networks (Extranet, Intranet)

 4) digital television;

 5) interactive screens, POS-terminals.

Social media and websites are the best digital channels for small businesses.

A modern and effective way of digital advertising are social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Indeed, where else can you just find the consumer that interests you. And the number of users of such networks exceeds several tens, sometimes hundreds of millions. Another plus – users can be residents of other countries and even continents, and therefore, with proper planning and distribution of their actions, digital marketing will help you reach a wider audience.

Therefore, we created the site, where we developed a program for recognizing your online business – #dali_win.

What is it?

You are doing your business, and the #dali_win program with the help of practical digital tools helps to develop it more efficiently, faster and more affordable.

#dali_win digital tools:

  • Google Adwords contextual advertising
  • retargeting (retargeting) – retargeting;
  • mobile marketing
  • viral marketing;
  • SMM (social media marketing) – social media marketing;
  • SMO (social media optimization) – optimization for social networks;
  • SEO (search engines optimization) – website optimization in search engines;
  • SEM (search engine marketing) – search engine marketing.

 The benefits of digital marketing are as follows:

  • Digital marketing allows you to reach both online and offline consumers who use tablets and mobile phones, play games, download applications. So you can reach a wider audience, not limited to the Internet.
  • The ability to collect clear and detailed data. Almost all user actions in a digital environment are captured by analytical systems. This allows you to draw accurate conclusions about the effectiveness of various promotion channels, as well as to make an accurate portrait of the buyer.
  • A flexible approach – digital marketing allows you to attract an offline audience to the online market, and vice versa. For example, using the QR code on the flyer, you can direct the user to the site. And at the same time, thanks to the email newsletter, you can invite subscribers to a seminar or other offline event.

In a generalized form, digital marketing includes three components:

  • Content (blog posts, articles, publications, studies, e-books, copy of sales pages, e-newsletters, social media campaigns, SEO)
  • Design (inclusion of photos and images for content, infographics, diagrams, photos, videos)
  • Statistics (analytics, key performance indicators, goals and objectives, conversion channels, client LTV).

The developers of the #dali_win program adhere to the following basic principles for developing digital advertising:

• digital is not a channel, digital is a technology;

 • People do not talk about advertising; people talk about what is interesting;

 • Do not annoy people with imposition; attract them to what is really interesting to them;

 • Do not make their participation difficult; do part of the work for them;

 • DO not measure results after the end of the campaign, evaluate intermediate values in the process and work with them,

 • And at the end, don’t be very serious … have fun.

Digital marketing is the marketing of the future. The advantage of #dali_win is that you can track the results of our joint efforts with incredible accuracy. This will make it easy to see which strategies are profitable and which require some refinement.

#dali_win does not stop at one specific niche, but affects absolutely all areas of advertising strategies on the network.