Every second, users open Google to find the information, product, or service they want. The tendency to buy goods or order services in the Internet is growing rapidly.

Contextual advertising (Google Ads) is a Google service with which you can raise your business to a much higher level, namely:

  • You can meet a lot of people who have not heard of your existence with your brand
  • You can interest a large number of people with your product, tell what useful and quality products you offer or about the services you provide
  • You can find a large number of people who are already looking for products or services that you offer and are ready to buy them
  • You can remind yourself of people who have already been to your site, but have not yet ordered anything
  • You can encourage people who have already ordered something from you to come back to you
  • You can find and attract people to your offline business, showing them all the information they need about themselves, their product and even the route on the map, how to get to you

Despite the great opportunities that contextual advertising gives us, it also has disadvantages. The main one is paid advertising, the price of which can be quite significant. An important factor in price formation is the level of competition in this niche: the greater the competition, the higher the price of the show and, accordingly, the transition to the site. In different regions, competition can vary significantly, as can the price itself. The larger the region covered by advertising, the larger the budget it needs.

The price of Contextual Advertising consists of two parts:

  1. Payment to the agency for the professional creation, configuration, launch and monitoring of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  2. Advertising budget is the money you pay Google search engine to show your ads on Google or its affiliate resources. The number of ad impressions depends on your advertising budget, as well as which search positions the ad will be in.


WorksPrice for the first month
– analyze the site, product, competitors;
– depending on the goals of the business, select the type of advertising campaigns;
– determine the target audience
– create and configure a Google Ads account;
– create and configure a Google Analytics account;
– create and configure a Google Tag Manager account;
– configure the connection Google Tag Manager – Google Analytics – Google Ads;
– create events and goals, import goals (conversions) into a Google Ads account;
– select the strategy of setting rates;
– select keywords, negative keywords and plan – budget;
– Compose relevant text ads;
– add all the necessary extensions;
– launch campaigns in Google Ads;
– constantly monitor the progress of the advertising campaign;
– we analyze and provide a report on the work done and the result of the advertising campaign;
– make a plan-recommendation for the next month.
from $ 180
WorksPrice for each subsequent month
– we analyze the effectiveness of the campaign;
– adjust rates and budget (if necessary);
– change the betting strategy (if necessary);
– select new keywords;
– analyze search queries and update the list of negative keywords;
– edit text ads, create new ads (if necessary);
– analyze and provide a monthly report on the work done and the result of the advertising campaign;
– make a plan-recommendation for the next month.
from $ 120
Direct costsThe price of direct costs
The advertising budget is the amount paid by Google to show ads from$ 200

When ordering a service from 3 months – 1 month free

Many people may think, “Why would I contact an agency if you can set up contextual advertising yourself, since the Google Ads service itself is free and freely available? Can I save money on paying an advertising agency? ”

Of course, you can customize contextual advertising yourself. But will this work be of high quality and will you be able to achieve the desired advertising goals without the appropriate knowledge and skills? Wouldn’t such an experiment be too expensive?

If you do not want to take risks and want to get a good result in the shortest possible time with minimal budget costs – entrust the work of promoting your product with the help of contextual advertising to the professionals of the Marketing Center “Dali”.

With us you will receive:

• A team of certified experienced professionals

• Full package of services for setting up contextual advertising

• Regular reports on the work done and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

• Advertising strategy developed individually for your business

• Uninterrupted access to all accounts for independent monitoring of the situation

• Constant communication on any questions or clarifications

• Guarantee of achievement of the set purposes

How do we work?

We analyze the site, products or services you provide, competitors, customers

Depending on the goals of the business, we select the type of advertising campaigns:

● Search network

● Contextual media network

● Google Shopping

● Video advertising (YouTube advertising)

● Advertising of mobile applications

● Discovery campaigns

● Local companies

We configure Google Analytics, namely – goals and events to be able to further monitor the performance of the site and advertising campaigns. Link Google Analytics to your Google Ads account and import goals (conversions)

We collect semantics, ie we select keywords that best match the search queries for which your products or services can be searched by potential buyers. We select negative keywords to reduce the cost of non-target audience

We create relevant advertisements

Launch advertising campaigns in Google Ads

We monitor, analyze and optimize advertising campaigns.

We provide a report on the work done and the results of advertising campaigns.

Our goal is for as many potential customers as possible to learn about your business and your product, who will want to take advantage of your offers!

Order contextual advertising settings from us!