DaliWin assistant - you run your social networks and website with our help

DaliWin - a program of practical online assistance in digital marketing and branding,developed by specialists of the marketing center "DALI". Our goal is to make internet marketing effective and available.

Nowadays, many brands successfully run their pages and websites on their own. But from time to time they need it professional advice and counseling, but finding the answer is time consuming and these answers are not always correct. That is why we have introduced an additional product DaliWin assistant - online helpers for the right site management and social networks.

When to order DaliWin assistant:

  • ● You created a page on social networks, but you don’t know if it’s true?
  • ● Can’t choose the visual appearance of the publications?
  • ● Started publishing posts, but no return?
  • ● Want to run targeted advertising but can’t?
  • ● Launched an ad, but Facebook rejects it?
  • ● Blocked the advertising room?
  • ● Need help organizing and conducting a competition?
  • ● Created a website, but don’t know if everything works correctly?
  • ● Set up ads on Google ads, but something doesn’t work?
  • ● Have you created a point on the map and in the My Business system, but everything is not working correctly?

What is included in the service package and what is its cost?

SMM Brand Support Online

  • Check and help set up your pages social networks;
  • monitoring the maintenance of your social media pages and pages competitors;
  • assistance in graphic design of accounts by the designer;
  • production of 2 design - models;
  • proofreading and editing posts;
  • check and help in setting up targeting;
  • assistance in organizing competitions / draws;
  • professional advice and - advice on managing yours Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Brand support on the Internet

  • seo and marketing analysis of the site;
  • checking and editing texts on the site;
  • Google ads advertising support
  • support of account maintenance and My system business;
  • professional advice on branding and selection of advertising media.

Price - 7 days free,then $ 80/1 monthor $ 800 when paid for 1 year

How is the cooperation going?

You fill out a feedback form on the site. The next day we will contact you by phone and discuss a cooperation plan. Next, we create a group in Viber & Telegram, where we connect all our specialists and we will advise you. Consultations are conducted by our main specialists agencies in the following areas: SMM, SEO, Internet marketing, copywriting, design.

How to order DaliWin assistant?