Creating and maintaining a website is an important step in promoting your business. For a site to become a source of income, it is important to maintain its proper operation 24 hours a day. Round-the-clock access, convenience, absence of viruses and problems and leading positions in the TOP – the final result of constant maintenance of the site from DaliWin.

Why do you need site support?

Do you already have a website? Are you sure it is functioning properly?

Every day, technology and fashion on the Internet dictate something new to us. Accordingly, the site needs to be constantly improved and updated. No serious internet project can exist without quality technical support. What does the site support service include?

We offer:

  • administration;
  • making changes to the site design;
  • hosting services;
  • technical troubleshooting;
  • project optimization;
  • information support;
  • cleaning from viruses;
  • processing and improvement of modules;
  • customization of templates and extensions;
  • site and domain name updates

Who should order site development and support:

  • companies that are just beginning to develop;
  • those who want to take a leading position in the TOP search engines;
  • those who care about the image and reputation of their business.

Professional website maintenance from DaliWin will take your business to a new level, increase the flow of new customers and profits.

What are the most common mistakes on the site?

When working on the site, people mostly pay attention to the appearance, while ignoring the problems that are “in the shadows”. We have prepared a list of the most common mistakes on the sites:

  • error 404;
  • duplication of pages;
  • navigation elements are not displayed;
  • automatic forwarding is not configured;
  • no meta tags;
  • errors in the source code;
  • there is no “spread” button.

How we help your business work 24/7

Do you think that the technical support of the site can be entrusted to an office manager? In this case, the resource will quickly become obsolete compared to competitors, reduce its performance, download speed, respectively, and the number of users. The technical support of our website is:

  • project manager who will be responsible for the work;
  • collaboration with programmers, designers and layout designers;
  • saving your time and money;
  • stable operation of the web-page 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Before starting work, our specialists are ready to provide detailed information on site maintenance. You will no longer hear about failures in its work because a team of specialists will deal with the page. We will solve all existing problems in the system in a short time. Additional technical support services also include the design, development or completion of software and content.


What does the user pay attention to when he first visits the resource? This is the appearance of the page. We spend a lot of time on design: we use only high-quality images, we carefully develop visualization.


Timely updating of the page allows the site to remain always relevant and to compete well. You no longer need to look for specialists to install plug-ins, modules and write code – all this you will get from us.


Provides updating of content: writing articles according to the TOR, blogging, providing useful information to customers.

The cost of technical support of the site

SEO site optimization and site promotionSite + account My business SiteWebsite
(modular layout system)
Full seo-analysis of the page
Working with robots.txt and sitemap.xml files;
Google Search Console connection;
Filling in site meta tags (title, description, alt image);
Collecting the semantic core.
cleaning from viruses;
data backup;
hosting support.
Filling with content. Modules are used that can be changed without changing the structure of the site.
Development of original design taking into account the corporate style of the company.
Adaptation of the site for a mobile device.
Feedback service.
from $ 260from $ 180one-time from $ 280

As well as site maintenance and support are included in our service packages:

DaliWin digital (basic)Basic layout changes;
from $ 400
DaliWin digital (full)full seo-optimization;
all changes in the layout;
from $ 500

What does the price depend on?

Serious business needs investment. It is important not only to achieve a good result, but also to be able to maintain it. Site support can be permanent or temporary. The cost of the service also depends on the following factors:

  • The time spent by specialists working on the page. In some cases, you need the help of programmers, marketers, copywriters.
  • The cost of technology used. Simple and affordable templates are cheap, new ones are more expensive.
  • The amount of work carried out to upgrade the site.
  • Speed ​​of reaction to virus attacks and system failures.

How does the DaliWin process work?

Creating a good and reliable resource is the foundation for further successful work on the World Wide Web. In order for the page to work smoothly, it was necessary to invest in the development service once. Non-professional users often make mistakes that make the site not optimal, and sometimes impossible. What plan are we working on:

  • Audit and analysis of work.
  • We update the site, create a backup copy of the data.
  • We optimize the page for better and faster loading of the site.
  • We clean the web-page from viruses.
  • We add new functional modules.
  • We are updating the content.
  • If necessary, transfer the resource to a new server.

Order technical support for the site in Ukraine

We offer to order the service of technical support of the site from a team of professionals. Our employees have implemented dozens of successful projects. Here you can buy support for the company’s website, business card site, business website, online store. We can provide advice over the phone at any time convenient for you. Our specialist will easily explain all the nuances of work and tariffs. You can choose the package of services that is optimal for you. Full round-the-clock site support is the best solution, because you will be sure that your page works smoothly and stably.