3 easy ways to promote for free with UGC


UGC (User-generated content) is original content created by the brand’s audience. This content can be anything – from review and comments on the blog and ending with photos and videos. The company can use it for its own purposes – on the site or on social networks to promote the brand, and often UGC is much more effective than regular content.

The use of UGC is beneficial to both parties – companies and users. It benefits the company by getting a fantastic amount of fresh ideas and unique content that it could take many sleepless nights to generate, so be sure to include this to your company’s marketing strategy. In addition, most user-friendly content does not require significant financial investment.

And UGC allows users to work with their favorite brand, express themselves creatively, receiving various rewards and discounts, and even make some of their own, albeit small, changes in the company.

⁣Now let’s see how to “push” your audience to UGC: ⁣

1. Offer – offer an incentive to your customers / subscribers. Play prizes among those who create content for the user and “advertise” you. For example, “mark us in the page and get a discount on a manicure.”

2. Use your customers as models. We are all on Instagram to look at others and to show ourselves. For example, you sell clothes. Ask your customers to take a picture in your dress and tag you (or use a special hashtag). Promise that the photos will be posted in your profile / page. And they have a moment of glory, and you not only free advertising, but also free models.

3. Announce a contest – here you are limited only by your imagination. You can ask to mark in the review; you can ask to indicate a friend who would find your profile useful. Anything! And then choose the lucky one who will receive car (well, or a free marketing course).⁣⁣

Have you used these methods of promotion on Instagram? Was it successfully? ⁣