Which Digital marketing or SMM – agency to choose?

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Today, one of the most productive digital marketing tools is Social Media Marketing, with more than 1 billion users registered on Facebook and Instagram, 80% of them follow business brands and 39% use services or buy products through social networks. It allows you to successfully attract attention to a service, brand, product through promotion on various social platforms, thematic forums or on social networks.

What are the benefits of digital marketing:

  • increase brand or brand awareness;
  • increase sales and attract new customers;
  • establish communication with new customers;
  • encourage resale;
  • to make the attitude of potential customers more loyal.

Obtain information about the attitudes and expectations of your customers regarding your business line.

In order to establish yourself in the market for goods or services as quickly and as confidently as possible, SMM tools must be used. Awareness will lead to a steady  increase in sales and brand loyalty. Effectively built strategy will allow the «long-term» basis for stable presence on the market.

SMM is not a fully-fledged business field where you can achieve great results and profits. Cases and strategies feature novelty that is guaranteed to attract a large audience of customers.

80% of brands think that social networks will give the result right away. Yes, it is possible. But to do this you need to understand this area, have the time and knowledge. Not all companies have these 3 components.

And how to choose the right SMM agency that will be able to fulfill all its tasks in a “perfect” way?

  • First, do not “drive” on SMM agencies that promise instant results;
  • Cooperation will be effective and efficient if there is interaction between the customer and the agency;
  • Agree on a trial period of collaboration – sample post options, analysis of your pages, etc.
  • Choose a creative agency that will provide a creative approach to work;
  • Give preference to legally registered companies with whom you can enter into an agreement and get guarantees on the volume of services and the result of cooperation. Freelancers can be hired to perform one-off work. Also, there are designers, copywriters and content specialists at leading SMM agencies, which will provide a comprehensive approach in order fulfillment.

Ukraine has enough experts and agencies in the field to help develop your brand in this area. DALI Marketing Center is a full-cycle advertising agency that has been among the best Ukrainian companies in the nomination “Advertising agency” for more than 10 years developing the advertising market, cooperating with more than 200 local, national and international brands (www.dali.te.ua). To develop digital marketing and branding, we have created a highly specialized niche digital marketing agency, DaliWin, bringing together professional SMM specialists, copywriters, internet marketers and designers. And our experts have developed a special project #dali_win – a program of practical online help in the field of digital.

Benefits of co-working with DaliWin:

  • Team and processes. Agency’s services will give you a team with well-established processes.
  • Transparency. The agency operates on a plan-fact basis. You will be shown the costs and the work done. In addition, you will always have access to the accounts running your project.
  • Experience. Agency staff work on average with 3-6 projects. Their experience in developing a promotion strategy is greater.
  • Complex and buns 🙂 If you ordered SMM services at the agency, you as an agency client can get other agency services at a good discount. For example, web analytics.

Cooperation mechanism:

  • Free analysis of pages on social networks and competitors
  • Expert evaluation of promotion in your area of ​​business
  • Personnel manager for your project
  •  Unique design and creative approach to branding in social networks
  • Accurate targeting and continuous improvement of campaigns
  • Detailed analytics and reporting on our work

All you have to do is choose the right SMM agency. And if you are still in doubt about SMM’s capabilities, then we suggest choosing a DaliWin digital marketing agency and enjoying the results of a well-chosen collaboration – to make sure your choices are registered on the site, and we will do an analysis of your Facebook pages and Instagram for FREE.