Don’t Run Targeted Ads to an Unpacked Brand Page: 5 Reasons Why It Hurts Your Brand


Are you spending time and money on targeted ads but not getting the desired results?

The problem may be that you’re directing traffic to an unpacked page of your brand.

What is an unpacked page?

It is a page that does not meet the needs of your target audience and does not lead to a targeted action. It can be:

  • Unclear: Vague description of products or services, lack of USP.
  • Unattractive: Poor design, inconvenient interface, lack of visual elements.
  • Unconvincing: Lack of calls to action, unclear description of benefits.

Why shouldn’t you run targeted ads to an unpacked page?

1. Low conversion: People who land on an unpacked page leave it without taking a targeted action. This reduces the effectiveness of your advertising and leads to budget loss.

2. Reputation damage: A negative user experience can lead to negative feedback and damage your brand reputation.

3. Decreased trust: An unfinished page may seem unprofessional to users, which will reduce trust in your brand.

4. Missed opportunities: You are missing out on the opportunity to convert interested users into customers.

5. Overpaying for advertising: You pay for clicks that don’t bring results.

What to do?

Before launching targeted ads, make sure your page is ready to receive traffic:

  • Conduct a page audit: Identify its weaknesses and what needs to be improved.
  • Create a clear description of products or services.
  • Add quality visuals.
  • Formulate a clear call to action.
  • Test different design and content options.

Remember: A packed page is the foundation of successful targeted advertising.

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