What is crowd funding and crowd marketing

Thus, crowd funds are URLs that fit natively to various forums, reviews, or other sites that reach large audiences.

Crowd marketing, focused on easy but working mentions of a company or service among a large Internet audience in order to promote.

Two types of crowd marketing.

Imagine a situation, you are going to go on vacation, but still, you do not know where! You go to Google and kill in search of, say, the top 10 countries for a family vacation. Go to the first site in the list and see information, for example, according to the social rating, the best country for a family vacation is Greece. Next, you go in the comments below the post and see the following message: “Oh, this Greece, we were there with a man last year, all at the highest level, very grateful to DALI Travel (or something like that) for the excellent service (and link to the site)! It’s trustworthy, isn’t it? This was an example of native crowd advertising. But there is an advertisement that is hit right in the forehead!


“Yes, Greece is definitely the best place for a nice family vacation. In our company “DALI Travel “, the price of the tour for 4 people = $1899. You can book a tour here: service (link to the site). “


What do I benefit from crowd marketing?

This marketing tool helps the company achieve the following goals:

  • increasing the popularity and demand for a particular product;
  • improving the visibility or changing public opinion about a product or brand;
  • increase the link mass leading to the page or site being promoted;
  • increase traffic to the site;
  • dissemination of information among the public;
  • diluting sources of inbound links.


Before using this type of marketing, you need to create a positive image of a brand, product or website on the Internet. The attitude of the audience to your product must be loyal!

Who is crowd marketing for?

1. Marketing agencies.

2. SERM-specialists (Search Engine Reputation Management, specialists in reputation management in search engines).

3. Internet marketers.

4. Business owners.

5. Internal marketing departments.

6. SEO specialists.

Where can I order it?

The use of such advertising should go according to plan. Several posts on different sites will not work, Spam messages will be deleted immediately. You can buy crowd links from various specialists or create your own internal marketing department. Consider each option separately.

Crowd links need to be treated wisely! There must be a clear plan for how and where to promote them. Several posts on different sites will not give the desired effect, and spam them – bury yourself, such messages will be deleted, and you and even more, can be blacklisted in the forum! Our advice, Caesar-Caesar, and God-God! Reach out to professionals who already have extensive experience and have filled more than one goal while working in this field. Believe me, you just save time, nerves and money!


What is the effectiveness of crowd marketing?

Crowd advertising requires patience. The result will not come in the first days, it takes at least a month, but it is desirable to be patient and wait six months.

You can evaluate the effectiveness of crowd marketing by the following indicators:

  • growth of traffic on the site;
  • increasing the popularity and demand for the proposed product;
  • increase positions in search results, which are crowded links.

Also, crowd marketing should not be seen as a way to optimize a link profile. Rather, crowd marketing is a way to improve reputation and increase brand awareness.


So, crowd marketing is a way to convey to a wide audience that there is such a brand and it sells such a product / service. There will be no strong increase in customers at once, this is not about rapid results! It will give a good exhaust only when treated with patience. Crowd links should also not be used as the only method of promotion and in general, you should use all the promotion options and choose the full SEO-promotion of your site. Last but not least, if you are not a marketer and you have something to do and where to spend the extra money, turn to professionals who will help you with this!