Do you want to effectively create a brand image and sell through social media channels? A well-thought-out strategy is the basis of your actions.

Are you setting up advertising campaigns, but your activity remains invisible to users? See where the reason may be.

What can’t be promoted on Facebook?

Facebook collects information about hundreds of millions of its users – their characteristics, preferences and behavior. Using Facebook Ads, you will have access to this knowledge. We assure you that there are ways to use them effectively. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know the audience better and send your message to specific groups. As a result, your ads will deliver maximum results.

Advertising on Facebook – what you need to know?

Facebook regularly reduces organic coverage, so investing in paid coverage is very important. How does it work? You’ve probably seen the “Advertise post” option in your account. This is the main option, but it is the least effective. If you want to professionally manage your own campaign – Advertising Manager is your necessary tool. With it, you can create ads and campaigns on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Audience Network, which you can then track, edit and check.

Effective advertising on Facebook

What do I need to create a campaign that will deliver the expected results? First, set your own data based on the data provided to you by Facebook’s target audience. Then prepare an attractive and appealing promotional material that will go to it. You can choose from a variety of formats: photos, videos, stories, Messenger ads, carousel, slide shows, collectibles and demo ads. The next step is to establish the purpose, budget and schedule.

What are the main goals of the Facebook Ads campaign?

  • Encourage people to like this page
  • Increase website activity
  • Creating a content area
  • Promotion of programs, events and offers
  • Getting lists of potential customers

You’ve set up your campaign in stages, but your Facebook ads aren’t available? Sometimes something goes wrong. Then what?

Why isn’t my Facebook ad showing

1. The announcement is not approved

The test takes about 24 hours. This delays the activity of advertising. Facebook rejects those whose algorithm is incorrect or too complex, and therefore impossible to implement. If your promotional material is not approved, you will receive an email with information and reasons. Remember that you can edit any violations and then resubmit your post for approval. Modification not possible or do you think your ad was unfairly disapproved? Request a check.

2. Advertising does not meet the standards

Facebook only promotes content that complies with its policies and clearly states that it does not tolerate it. Your ads must meet the required criteria. To avoid blockages, see the list that cannot be promoted on Facebook. Also, make sure you’re basing your ad on a message that doesn’t violate community standards. You may have made another mistake and promoted the content covered by the restriction. In this case, you will need additional approval for your ad.

3. You have reached the spending limit

Paid coverage requires a budget. If you’ve already reached your spending limit, Facebook won’t show your ad. If you just increase it – your marketing activities will work again. Remember that they can only be set by border account administrators.

4. The campaign is inactive

Each campaign has a strictly planned duration. Maybe your ad isn’t showing because you just set the dates incorrectly? If you want to start broadcasting at a certain point, just change the schedule. The problem is solved!

5. Incorrect conversion optimization

You’re probably wondering what a conversion is. This is the activity of website visitors – transactions, registration, adding items to cart or displaying a link. What will ad conversion do for you? This will encourage you to visit your website and encourage you to interact with it, for example, for shopping purposes. To perform this task, the Facebook Pixel analytics tool is used to record a certain number of conversions per page. Thanks to them, he learns who buys and who does not. Only then will the ad be active. If that doesn’t work, change the optimization, for example, from focusing on traffic to adding the product to the cart. Only then will Pixel get the data it needs, and then better position your ad.

6. Targeting is too complex

When you narrow down your target audience, you’ll take Facebook’s room for maneuver, and for example, the range of 100,000 views will be halved, or your ad won’t show at all. What to do in this case? All you need to do is change the amount of data in the target audience of this ad, for example, increase their area of ​​interest or the area where your material should be promoted. This will allow Facebook to work freely and reach your customers.

7. Incorrect content

If you want Facebook to accept your posts, make sure you’re grammatically and punctually correct. Write tactfully and without profanity. Also keep in mind that Facebook rejects ads that do not work properly. Sometimes it is enough to check that the link and the specified page are working properly.


Ads are a story that advertises your products and services on Facebook. Remember, it is not enough to know about them in theory. Let the principle that guides your actions be a test of different decisions. Sometimes it is worth taking a risk to learn something new and achieve unexpected results.

Do you prefer not to take risks or do you prefer faster results? Tell us about it.