9 rules of tasty text


How to write cool text that will be useful for everyone and promote you correctly?


Without a brief, you can’t do anything. It can be oral, it can be written, the main thing is that his terms were not the following: “He created something for me, at his own discretion!”. The risk here is one, but quite large, especially if this is the first order, you may not understand what they really want from you! And in the finale, everything will end with endless edits, wasted time and spoiled nerves.


If you are not an expert in a particular field, how not to twist, write a delicious article will not work. What I do in this case, I try to find a person who understands this and listen to his point of view. It doesn’t have to be an acquaintance, there will be enough tutorials on YouTube. The main thing is that it was really a specialist!

Rules of tasty text


100% uniqueness, in principle meaningless, but it must be at least 80%! Try to take something as a model, do not think that it is plagiarism and you will be teased. Even the best creations in history have been just-on-all fixes!


If you think that clever words and long, incomprehensible phrases that speak loudly about high are perceived by people, go to compose brochures at a local theater. People love simplicity, clarity. People need the language they speak every day, not “This apathy is diametrically opposed to me!” Be simple and people will reach out to you, folk wisdom!


A clickbait is a headline that motivates a person to click on it. Focus on them, use them, even in every article, but without readable text, which even before that describes something completely different from what you indicated in the title, this is a problem. Remember the main feature of clickbait, in a furniture store, iPhones are not sold at a discount! Clickbait is the best addition to a delicious article, it’s like the icing on the cake.


Here the main thing is to hear the border. If the article is good, it will be a sin to give only 2-3 key phrases, but if you score it lengthwise and crosswise with the keys, then such an article will not only be unreadable, but will also be threatened, banned, caused by “sleep”. . The best number of keys from 5 to 7, maximum 8, the main thing is that they are readable!

Rules of tasty text


The article should be comfortable to read! The text “brick” has never been in vogue. Have pity on your readers, they already spend the whole day at the computer, and here also, your “kotsyurby”. So try to design it and design it with quality!


Images in the article should not be too bright (except for the main photo), so that they do not mute the text and most importantly the topic. If you write about laser treatment, do not put a photo of a masseur or a builder at all.


The finale must always call a person to action. It’s not just about selling texts, but also simple information. The man read the text, closed the tab and forgot. Everything, the hole is dug! You need to make every effort in the end of the text to motivate her to subscribe to your blog, buy a product or at least use the information in practice!