A good targetologist: what is he like?

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You want to entrust the advertising budget of the company to a proven specialist. How to distinguish a competent targetologist from others, we will tell in the article.

A good targetologist does not guarantee.

Until you discuss the details and implement a test advertising campaign, you will not hear the exact cost of a click and Lid. The targetologist does NOT promise a 100% result for the first 2 weeks with a cost of a click of 5 hryvnias. And if he promises, you have a bad targetologist. The approximate cost and timing will be announced by a specialist with experience in similar projects. A competent specialist does not know how much money is needed for his work, until he looks into the specifics of the business.

Experienced targetologist

A professional has something to boast about. You will see reviews, cases and portfolio of the specialist. Ask about the main points of the implemented advertising campaigns. The promise not to disclose information is shortened by the story, but the general points will be voiced. Job reviews can be found on the site of the targetologist or in the BK group (if any), in thematic communities and on the sites of freelancers.

Correct advertising settings

For effective advertising, the target audience is divided into segments with a step of at least 5 years. This makes it easier to analyze the results and determine which group gives the best response. Each age has its recruitment strategy. As a result, it becomes clear which audience is optimal in terms of price-quality. For Facebook and Instagram, CAs are shared in one ad cabinet.

Questions to the business owner

The targetologist will ask about the sales scheme of the product, the target audience, Landing or the site. Analyze past advertising campaigns and work with customers, as well as offer measures to optimize the sales chain. The contractor asks more questions than the client.

Advertising office

Access to the advertising room should be not only for the targetologist. If access is closed to colleagues, the specialist may hide the real cost of the advertising campaign or attract non-targeted traffic at a low cost.