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How to index a site in Google

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The Internet is a huge source of information. But, unfortunately, the card index is missing here. To find a specific web page, Google uses special programs – web crawlers. They check the content on the page and only then send the data to the search engine server. But often users face the problem that Google does not index the site. The reasons may be different.

Why Google does not index the site

If there is no information on the site, search engines ignore this page. Poorly populated sites are also unattractive to bots. Therefore, even online stores should be filled with quality content, and not just make a description of the goods. The more often the site is updated – the better the indexing by search engines.

A lot of information is good, of course, but if the text is not unique, Googlebot will bypass this page because it is already indexed on other sites.

Often Google does not index the page simply because the site has a ban. How to check it? The root folder of the site → the robots.txt file → the presence of the Disallow directive. Sometimes you also need to review the source code.

Poor site navigation is another reason why indexing fails. For example, this may be an unusual menu layout or too many items in the navigation.

If the page takes a long time to load, Google skips it. Special services will help to check the speed of the site.

Often site owners resort to so-called black optimization methods. Dozens of advertising links, spam – the site is banned. Too many keywords in the texts – the site is banned. Therefore it is better to remove all superfluous

Дві людини в чорних костюмах, тримають червоно-синій магніт

Solving the problem of indexing

There are several options for solving the indexing problem:

  • Wait until Google indexes the page itself. You can speed it up by sending a re-indexing request.
  • Share links on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Such pages are indexed very quickly. This method can also be used for Youtube, but the link should be left in the comments below the relevant video.
  • Ask for help on the forums. Here you can ask questions or look for a ready answer.
  • Post the link in the comments on another site.
  •  Edit URL. A radical but very effective way.
  • Buy links on verified pages.

None of these methods gives a 100% guarantee that the site will be indexed. Therefore, after the publication of each article, you should check whether the indexing has taken place.

How to check site indexing

It should be understood that if the page is not in the search index – in the general search, it will also be absent. The fastest way to check the indexing of a site is to search for site: [page address]. As a result, you will see all the indexed pages of the site. To know if a specific page is indexed – site: [page address]. This method works for any search service.

To check the indexing of the entire site, you must first scan it with a special program, such as Site Analyzer. It shows the total number of pages on the site. Through the Google Search Console, you can see all the pages with errors, view the indexing history, and check the bans on indexing specific pages.