Internet marketing: trends and the best tools for promotion

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Before moving on to the main part of the article, you need to answer the main question: how to understand that your internet marketing is not effective? The answer is very simple, if you do not analyze the final result, ie the result you want to get in the end – it means that your internet marketing will not bring the desired success. Tact way, if you need to lead a person to a purchase, then it is worth tracking all the way. If you only track the cost of a click or the cost of ice, it will not bring any positive results.

And now we will answer a number of topical questions about Internet marketing. And the first question is:

Which ways of promotion are losing their relevance today, and which are gaining popularity?

Today, the classic banner advertising, more precisely its use for small and medium-sized businesses, is increasingly losing its relevance. If before any small online store decided to run ads, for example, on forums and place banners or something else, now it is no longer relevant. Media advertising, which is difficult to measure and has little effect, is gradually dying out. Also, SEO as such does not die out, but now the promotion of high-frequency keywords, such as “buy iphone” – is less relevant, because a lot of traffic, and what a person means – is not clear.

And it is also worth noting that contextual advertising will be ahead of it all, it already occupies the top four positions, in conclusion, you will get in the second or third scroll with SEO. Therefore, SEO does not die out at all, it just changes. Already as such ineffective teaser networks, banners, the approach to the use of video has changed a bit, etc. But, in general, everything that was – remained and strengthened. That is, before, for example, we could measure some results in the media, but could not be properly targeted, now it is possible to target a specific target audience.

What is the most effective internet marketing tool in 2020 – 2021?

The question is rhetorical, because different tools are suitable for different types of business. There are 7 types of business for which promotion in Internet marketing will be completely different: B2B, services, goods, media resources, educational sites, e-commercemarketplace, SAAS – when you sell something by subscription. Somewhere you will use more local search on maps and promotion through them, let’s say it’s about the local business of some services. For example, you have a service station, massage parlor, etc., then it is better suited, and if you are an online store, then the ideal sales scheme for you – contextual advertising, SEO and price aggregators.

If, for example, we take a product that is somewhat similar to e-commerce because you sell goods here and there, but for product the number one model of promotion is promotion through social networks, ie to create an emotional connection with your customer. And then the promotion channels are already connected. If we talk about B2B, then everything is different. In B2B it is better to use various point mailings, formation of a narrow community around you, for example, it can be telegrams – channels, groups on Facebook.

Should a business owner do internet marketing himself or hire a marketer?

It all depends on what stage your business is at. That is, if you can download an internet marketer for at least 80% of the work, then you should hire him. If 50% – use his services as a freelancer. If you can’t download it even by 50% – do internet marketing yourself.

But more often than not, any business needs internet marketing. If you have a website or page on a social network and you do not take any action to promote, then you will have no effect. Accordingly, a systematic approach is required. You can do this yourself, but it will not give the desired result, because you will have too much workload. In any scenario where you have already started a business and you need internet marketing and you can’t handle it on your own – hire a marketer.

Are there any businesses in 2021 that do not need to be online?

Surprisingly, in 2021 there are still businesses that do not need Internet marketing. For example, it could be farmers, because there is still a scheme of working with traders. You do not need to use a network of large factories, because they produce material for other businesses, so they are so well known and also not so many in the market. Everyone else is encouraged to go online.