Интернет-магазин «ARENA. Mirrors & Glass ». Основные направления деятельности: продажа стекла и зеркал.

Case. On packing and content filling of pages online store «ARENA. Mirrors & Glass» on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK

Niche: online store of glass and mirrors

Project name: online store “ARENA. Mirrors & Glass”

Objective: to provide stable customer traffic to the site. Introduce customers to the products of the online store.

The task is to update the site, design social networks, ensure a presence in the Internet space, acquaint customers with products and manufacturing methods.


  • Analyzed the activities of the online store and its competitors
  • develop a promotion strategy
  • pack SMM, start communicating with customers
  • organize and conduct photo shoots
  • set up targeted and contextual advertising
  • regular analysis of all work and reporting.


What is the base in any launch after the Product is ready? Of course, the development of a design concept.

The design of an online project begins with the little things, many of which are ignored and known only to experts, but these little things sometimes provide attendance and popularity, interest in the proposed material and demand for products or services.

We started packaging with the development of a brand book project. The color scheme and the general concept of brand development were taken into account.

Based on it, we have already developed a cover and an avatar for Facebook.

Templates for posts

Developed icons for storis

Developed promotional banners

Targeted advertising

Based on the analysis of the target audience, 3 segments were identified:

  • Target audience based on Google Analytics
  • The target audience is aimed at the West and Ukraine as a whole.

Then they developed advertising texts, banners and launched advertising.

After analyzing the advertising, we left only the most effective.

Site promotion

Indicators of site traffic for the month compared to the same period last year


For 1 month of work provided a stream of clients

Developed a visually appealing style of social networks

Work on the project continues.

Do you also want to pack your project, set up all the elements of the pages so that you are not ashamed of potential customers who come to visit you, and they want to stay with you? After all, your page is your face! And from the way it looks, the first impression is created about you. And to make another, more favorable impression in the second chance may not be.

Fill out the form for our services, we will contact you in the near future and indicate specifically your goals and objectives for promotion on social networks.