Case. Promotion of “”


Purpose: to promote Facebook & Instagram pages for a period of 30 working days.

Location: Ternopil

Materials: pages have already been created, the target has been set, but to no avail, although the budgets spent are not small

Group optimization and setup is a medical center that provides services in the field of production of various medical documents.



Content creation and publication, strategy adjustment

Since the community was originally created as an expert, in the first stage it was planned to focus on articles, voluminous materials with recommendations for experts.

In the process, more calls appeared and the strategy changed. Therefore, the following list of works was made:

Developed templates for posts


The advertising campaign worked well to increase the number of subscribers, call to action (Write), on Lead forms and to go to the site. The main advantage, which was emphasized in advertising, was the low time, low price and high quality.


– Increased activity in the group, a significant increase in customer base of 1,000 people.

– The new design has increased the loyalty of the target audience.

– Targeted advertising has good results. Emphasis was placed on the application.

– Audience coverage for the entire time of work of more than 20,000 people.

– Increasing the number of potential customers

All project goals have been achieved.

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