Everyone wants guarantees from SMM-specialists!

All customers want 100% guarantees of goods and services sales. And it is desirable to pay the SMM-specialists after sold at least 1000 units

And we understand you. You want the business to work. You want the costs to pay off. You want to make a profit.

And yes, there are marketers who promise big sales in 2 days. And even for 1 day. So what do they really promise you?

Leads. They promise that you will get:

– phone number and name of the potential client;

– comments “Price?”, “How much does it cost?” and so on, as such requests are often considered leads.

You can really get 1000 leads for a small price. But remember: lead is not equal to the customer, because:

– they may not answer calls;

– may not be targeted at all;

– If you do not specify the price in advertising, you can get a ton of price requests, but do these questions contribute to real sales? What do you think?

And if you are also guaranteed the exact number of subscribers in the “package offer” – run away, because you will most likely be screwed bots…

What SMM can guarantee you in reality?

– that your ad will be relevant and will be shown to the target audience;

– that you will get the maximum result within the stipulated budget and terms.

The process is the constant work of a team of people who provide:

– your positioning and marketing strategy of the company;

– visualization of your brand in social networks;

– bring new people to your product;

– work on building a sales system;

– work not so much on the quantity as on the quality of ice.

Internet marketing is an ongoing process of hypothesizing, building strategies, implementing and analyzing results. This process requires not only high qualification, but also constant training: social networks change very quickly and it is necessary to monitor the functionality, trends and relevance of strategies. Therefore, both strategic and tactical marketing should be considered.

And yes, this is a job, in its own way complex and with a high level of responsibility. Every project is like launching a new business: we are constantly in pursuit of the profitability of our clients’ investments.

So think twice before believing in a “one hundred percent guarantee”. Free cheese only in a mousetrap and only for one mouse.

Do you agree?