Facebook Ad – A Few Words About Facebook Ads


What is the Facebook advertising system, how does it work, and why should you use it? Facebook Ads is one of the most widely used advertising systems. We can advertise on the world’s largest social network and reach millions of people around the world. Although Facebook ads simple and I, fast, and I does not require a large budget and access everyone, after all, many people are skeptical about this type of advertising or know little about it. In this article, we will explain what Facebook Ads are, how the process of creating Facebook ads works, and what are its advantages. And why you should advertise on this social network.

A few words about Facebook advertising

Facebook Ads is Facebook’s advertising system that allows you to add ads to the social network. For a fee, Facebook allows its users to show ads to other people using this website. A Facebook ad takes the form of an ad manager who is assigned to each social account. We can easily create and launch our advertising campaign without any additional steps or procedures. Simply using Facebook ads is not charged extra, and you are only charged for displaying ads. We can create and publish advertisements ourselves, for example, according to the instructions of the guides, even after tens of minutes, or we can take advantage of the offers of advertising agencies or freelancers and entrust the creation of advertising.

Facebook advertising itself takes many forms. This can be a popular post displayed in other people’s news, an advertising banner in the right column, an advertisement in a messenger or a video. The advertising system itself allows you to choose many other parameters (more on that in the last paragraph), thanks to which we will adapt advertising to our capabilities.

Why Use Facebook Ads?

Advertising on Facebook is very beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, it is the ease of launching advertising and its availability for everyone. No matter how big our budget is, individuals or companies, we can create an advertising campaign and broadcast it at any time. Myself about creation is simple and within ten minutes we can publish an advertisement for our brand if we have already contacted the advertising manager. We can also delegate this task to professionals, and you enjoy professional service.

Second advantage – this is targeting, that is, the definition of the target group. This is one of the biggest benefits of Facebook advertising. Thanks to this, we can determine the people who will see our ads. This will result in an efficient use of our money, as the ads will be shown to people from a specific thematic group. Thus, we can count on high performance and the likelihood that many people from this group will be interested in our product or service. The third advantage is the large number of Facebook users, which opens up many opportunities. Thanks to this group of recipients, we can target very precisely, increase brand popularity for broad targets, and we do not have to worry that our target group is quickly used. Numerous ad recipients, combined with targeting, also allows ads to be placed locally, such as in a specific city or location. This plus will especially appeal to people who run a stationary business and want to contact people from a specific point on the map. We may also publish ads on Facebook in many forms, which allow us to accurately and profitably represent different products, such as aesthetic figures, digital products, services or expensive gadgets, by choosing the appropriate form of advertising.

How do Facebook ads run?

Posting ads on Facebook is not difficult, and you can do it yourself. To start creating an ad campaign, all you need to do is log in to Ads Manager from your Fb account. This option is in the top right menu. Then you will get 3 sections to fill in the purpose of the ad, ad campaign settings and the ad itself. In the first section, we select a promotion goal from a dozen or so options, such as displaying a video, driving traffic to our website, setting up correspondence, or increasing brand reach. In the second section, we define campaign parameters such as schedule, budget, and goal, specifying the target group who will see our ad, and choosing age, gender, location, interests, professional situation, and other options from several hundred. At this point, we can also determine where the ads will be displayed. In the third section, we can create a relevant advertisement in the form of a post, graphic or video material that will be broadcast.

Advertising price, expenses, calculation type and form of payment

The finances and cost of Facebook advertising is one of the most discussed issues when talking about Facebook advertising. Many people don’t know how Facebook Ads works financially. The calculation for advertising occurs only after the broadcast of the campaign – at the end of each month or after exceeding a certain amount. We can pay the bill with both a payment card and PayPal, which is very convenient and allows you to pay off the balance within a few minutes. Facebook ads themselves are usually billed for display, although some types of ads, such as traffic redirects, may charge you to click a link and go to our website.

Facebook ad price different and depends on the form of calculation chosen by us. In most cases, the costs are based on the ad auction, which means that the price for displaying one ad is different and depends on demand. However, we can independently determine the maximum cost of displaying one advertisement by clicking one link, for example, for 2dollar, or choosing the option to select the cheapest ad impression where we have no guarantee that we will get as many views as we wanted. Usually, several dozen dollars we can attract several hundred and even thousands of people.