Fighting with spam in Viber

Viber is a platform for communication. The program is open and secure, which allows anyone to create their own group in it. Many formal and informal companies operate on this platform. But spam and advertising is the main drawback of the program.

Spam is an advertising mailing that is sent simultaneously to several thousand random people. It is usually very easy to recognize, for example: “Girls! I lost 7 kilograms, drank tincture of herbs and fruits. No chemistry, very happy. You can buy it here ”. Unfortunately, the blocking system in Viber is very weak, because the user ID is his phone number. Therefore, to report a “miracle cure for weight loss” does not require anything other than that.

How to deal with spam?

To avoid sending ads, you need to block unfamiliar numbers. When a number is blacklisted, it cannot send messages or make calls. How to do it?

Ban of unknown number

When a new chat appears, two “ADD” and “LOCK” buttons also appear on the screen. If desired, you can close the message and write to technical support.

Ban contacts

If a spammer is a friend from the contact list, you need to go to the contact menu and click on the three dots in the upper right corner. The magic “Lock” button appears.

Ban numbers from the group

 If the annoying contact is in the same group with you, it is also possible to ban it. To do this, enter the group, move the screen to the left. Select a contact and block. It is also possible to complain about messages in the group. In the upper right corner, select “complain about the message”, then click on the message and “complaint”.

The subscriber will not know that he has been blocked. It can still send messages, but the recipient will not see them.

Which gives the number lock

Once a contact is blacklisted, you cannot text or call them. A blocked contact will later see your profile and network status. The blocked contact will store the entire history of messages and calls.

And the most interesting! A blocked user can add you to the group and send a message to the chat that you see.

How to unlock contact

Sometimes there are situations when a person should be removed from the black list. How to do it:

  • Go to the menu (right, bottom corner).
  • Settings → Privacy.
  • List of blocked numbers → Unlock.

But even after unlocking it is impossible to see the messages sent by this contact.

How Viber developers fight spam

The company has launched several tools that reduce the spread of spam. You can now control who can add you to group chats. Go to Settings> Settings> Privacy. Select the “Control who can add you to groups” option. And we choose: “Anyone” or “My contacts”. There is also an “Automatic spam check” feature.

The developers have also added a separate folder where all requests from unfamiliar contacts will be stored.