Growth of websitesite positions

Today more and more brands are either moving entirely to online spaces, or transferring a significant part of their business there. Now websites have ceased to be tools of a purely image nature, and are a good tool for attracting customers. There are two ways to attract customers via the Internet and promote the site:
1) Using contextual advertising Google ads
2) With the help of SEO-optimization

This means that over time, in line with new market trends, online marketing will be a driving force for attracting customers for different types of companies. Everyone knows that Google’s position is one of the most important aspects of a customer’s interest.

For our client “Dental Home” we use both methods of promotion, recently practicing SEO-optimization.
Here is an example of our SEO-specialists. Our partner – dentistry “Dental Home” on the 3rd place in search of “Dentistry Ternopil” The position of “pediatric dentistry” came to the forefront immediately after the innovations.

I wonder what helped achieve this result? Let’s take a closer look.

Previously, search engine filters evaluated whether a user’s query resource was appropriate or not based solely on the content of the website. If it required keywords, it was displayed in the search. But over time, there have been many good, search engine-optimized texts. And then SEO-specialists developed another option for brand development – the purchase of links. Yes, it is the effect of purchasing links that helped promote the site. This allows:
• improve the authority of the resource;
• raise positions in the top
• attract Internet users to your website;
• improve site visibility.

It was a one-time purchase of links and it worked. This proves that a well-made site can be promoted by purchasing a large number of links to it and it will help rise in the so-called ranking from 10th place to 3! Of course, it depends on how much money you are willing to invest in these links, but the right investment can pay off.

If you want to be in the top, then contact the marketing center “Dali”. We will help you achieve the same cool effect and make you popular!