The information we receive influences our future

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During the crisis, we need to use the information diet and analyze which content we receive. After all, the information we receive influences our future. How to follow it?

1. Do not consume what does not concern you. When you click on an interesting link, ask yourself – “I’m reading this for what? What is the motive? »And be sure to wait for the answer :)).

2. Nothing negative! Negative information changes the perception of the world and our psyche. Block it completely. We have our own problems enough .

3. Get only a minimum of information. Before you begin, just write down the range of questions you want to know. Don’t click on links that look interesting but don’t answer your questions. Stop at the moment when all the questions have been clarified for yourself.

4. One day a week to study. Postpone articles of interest to you using one of the delayed reading services and set aside one day a week to study them.

5. Create a barrier. You may want to turn off the TV, block Facebook, Instagram, and other distractions, install an ad blocker, clear bookmarks, or even set up a custom browser to work.