How to properly promote social networks on the Internet?


How to make your social network in demand and popular, having live users, not twisted bots?

Sooner or later, everyone who creates or has created a social network thinks about its promotion. On the Internet there is a lot of information on how to promote and what tools to use, but without a specific plan of action, which at times complicates the promotion for a beginner in this matter.

Another problem that we may notice when searching for relevant information on the Internet is that with incorrect search queries we often come across articles on how to promote your product through social networks, and this no longer interests us.

First, let’s look at some tips for those who are going to create and promote their own social network:

  • Identify the idea – in any business you need to build a clear goal, it allows you to plan strategies, properly analyze the market in which you want to work, and your target audience;
  • Highlight a certain topic – to compete with such social networks as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will work, but in their example we see that each is different in its own way, Instagram is a photo and a short video, Facebook is aimed more at corporate customers. So, we can choose a certain topic of the social network and occupy its niche, where the least competitors;
  • Budget for promotion – to save on this issue will not work, the market for social networks in the world has long been crowded, which raises barriers to entry. Any promotion tools will cost money, a good way would be to hire a target who will properly allocate the budget of advertising companies, which will reduce costs and lead the client faster;
  • Choice of functionality – today consumers choose simpler products, with wide functionality and easy to use. Therefore, expand the functions of your social network, starting with the ability to put likes, ending with a mobile application on Android and iOS