If you afraid of ban – do not go to Facebook!


Yes, let’s talk about the big and terrible mass blocking of accounts.

But it is perceived mainly by beginners. For more experienced professionals, this is not something unusual, just a working moment. You do not stop driving a car if it has a flat tire? Any car is not perfect and Facebook is also a mechanism, so failures happen everywhere.

What do you need to understand about blocking?

The decision to ban the account, not approve the ad or restrict advertising for a personal profile is taken by the robot. And the decision to remove the ban is made by a person.

That’s why there are so many bans, for real reasons and without it, and that’s why we will have to wait for answers about the reasons for the block and the possibility of its removal.

Whether you get banned or not depends on which support manager you get. As practice shows – only in a third of cases you can get good professionals who can quickly find the cause of the ban and unlock the account. Well, or refuse and do not unlock for objective reasons.

If you were denied unlocking, what to do?

Choose an option:

– Sit down and cry.

– Leave the target and never set up advertising again.

– Ask the support agent to pardon you and ban you.

– Open another dispute in the hope of getting on another person and another decision.

Yes, we choose the last option. Repeat until unlocked. If the reason is not objectively valid – sooner or later a miracle will happen. If you understand that the rules were indeed violated and the reason is good – immediately create a new account. You need to do this from another personal page, link another card so that the name of the author of the page matches the name of the cardholder, and you need to do it from a different IP address.

For example, there are cases when the account was banned because one of the customers decided to change the card on his own, which of course blocked his account and on the way caught everyone who had access to it. This happens, explain to customers what can be done and what not and what are the possible consequences!