Inclusive Design and Ethical Internet: The Future 100 named trends for 2019 with consumer behavior predictions


Culture: Instagram backlash. Brands and consumers began to express their objections about what has become the cynical culture of a visually new experience created for schering inspiration.

Technology and Innovation: Ethical Internet. Critics, brands and technology leaders are calling for a rethinking of Big Tech’s behavior and a more proactive approach to the scenario of planning the catastrophic or destructive impact of new innovations.

Travel and hospitality: Travelers of the Z generation. In 2019, the Z generation will surpass the millenial generation, and travel brands are preparing for a new generation of tourists.

Brands and Marketing: Inclusive Design. A number of major brands, from Ikea to Asos, create tools for a more accepting and sympathetic future.

Food and Drink: Healthy delicious food. A wave of new restaurants serves regional traditional food with vegan recipes, attracting a new generation of visitors who care about their own health, climate change and proper animal welfare.

Beauty: Grotesque beauty. All new forms of self-expression transform ordinary beauty into something unusual, bold, whimsical and beautiful.

Retail: Shops with the effect of immersion. What can an ordinary store offer, unlike an online retailer? Create an atmosphere of immersion. Outerwear brands, whose items are made for a specific climate, recreate cold, wind and rain to demonstrate the characteristics of their products.

Luxery: Awakened Luxury. The luxury goods market can no longer ignore political issues, including gender equality, sustainable development and diversity.Brands have a conscious responsibility to include these issues in the essence of their power structure, work ethic and product.

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