Is it worth taking an ad from a blogger or not?

Today we would like to touch on this type of promotion as advertising for bloggers. Quite a lot of controversy and hesitation always arises before the customer and the marketing department – is it worth taking an advertisement from a blogger or not?

And there, even in the marketing department, there is always a dispute about such advertising. Today we want to explain a lot and possibly dispel the myth.

A blogger is a public, often expressive person who shares his life with the public on Instagram. There are different bloggers, with different blog topics, they have a relevant target audience.

Many Instagram blogs are created for monetization. You can immediately distinguish such a blogger: they produce a lot of different advertising, make poor integrations and teach the audience to “flip through” these frequent, clichéd, promotional posts. Unintelligible and cooperate even with questionable advertisers.

On the other hand, there are bloggers who respect themselves and their subscribers – they have clear restrictions on advertising, an approved number of possible placements per month and an understanding of what can “come” and not “come” to subscribers.

Remember, you are the customer, so you are primarily responsible for advertising, your brand must be ready for such advertising, the page must look harmonious and with quality content. Business on Instagram works great if you find a balance between quality products, harmonious content, detailed descriptions, relevant prices – and then the recommendations of bloggers.

I think we have finally dispelled the myth that sales, orders and new customers depend not only on the blogger. Blogger advertising is just a sincere recommendation that can work with the above points.

How to find your blogger?

– Look for competitors – who they refer to;

– Subscribe to public people;

– Neontools program;

– trendHERO program.

Three reliable ways to get good results from a blogger:

1. Remember – the number of subscribers is very different from the actual coverage of publications. You need to carefully study the reach of a blogger.

2. Now a careful and thoughtful study of the interests of the audience – in the first place, along with the socio-demographic characteristics of subscribers.

3. Available and promotional vehicles

Conclusions: there is no bad advertising, there is bad preparation. As there are no bad bloggers – there are those whose audience does not suit you. You can successfully conduct an advertising influence campaign if you pre-select and analyze insta-bloggers.