Maintenance and promotion of websites and social networks in Ternopil


In today’s digital world, the success of any business depends on its online presence. The website and social media have become primary tools for attracting customers, increasing brand awareness and driving sales. Marketing agency Dali, located in Ternopil, offers professional services in maintaining and promoting websites and social networks, helping businesses to reach new heights.

Creating an effective website is only the first step. It is important to ensure its regular updating, optimization and analysis of results.

  1. Site Optimization (SEO): Increasing your site’s visibility in search engines by improving internal and external SEO factors.
  2. Content management: Regular updating of the site with fresh, interesting and useful content that attracts and increases visitors.
  3. Analytics and reporting: Monitoring of traffic, user behavior and other key metrics for continuous site improvement.
  4. Development and design of sites: Creation of unique and functional websites that meet modern standards and business requirements.
  5. Support and maintenance: Ensuring stable operation of the site, prompt resolution of technical problems and ongoing support.
  6. Contextual advertising (PPC): setup and management of paid advertising campaigns on search engines and other platforms to attract traffic quickly.

Social networks are a powerful tool for attracting new customers and increasing the loyalty of existing ones. Our team will help you make the most effective use of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and others.

  1. Content Creation: Developing interesting and visually appealing posts that match your brand and target audience.
  2. Targeted advertising: Setting up and running advertising diseases with high targeting accuracy to achieve maximum results at optimal costs.
  3. Performance Analysis: Continuously monitor the results of advertising sentiment and adjust strategies to improve performance.
  4. SMM strategy: Development of a long-term strategy for presence in social networks, including content planning, promotions and interaction with subscribers.
  5. Content Promotion: Using paid and organic methods to increase the reach of your content and attract new audiences.

During our work, we have helped many businesses improve their online presence and achieve significant success. Reviews from our clients testify to the high efficiency and professionalism of the team.

Maintaining and promoting websites and social networks requires a professional approach and constant improvement. Marketing agency “Dali” in Ternopil offers you its experience and knowledge to achieve maximum results. Trust your online marketing professionals and you will see your business grow and prosper.

What benefits does the customer receive from cooperation with DaliWin – a full-cycle internet marketing agency?

Comprehensive service in all areas of Internet marketing

Complex internet marketing

SMM management and promotion of social networks

Google Ads – contextual advertising

Google Shopping – shopping campaigns

SEO promotion of the site

Site technical support and maintenance

Crowd marketing

Brand style and branding

Unlike freelancers, who can disappear somewhere, you are dealing with a law firm with which you sign a contract, where all the terms of cooperation will be spelled out.

To support business in Ukraine and Ternopil, we have special conditions and package programs.

Also, the web programmers of the “Dali” marketing center have developed a unique product-site based on a modular system. This is a full-fledged business site at an affordable price. For an amount of $480 or more, you get:

A full-fledged business website based on a modular system

Mobile and tablet version of the site

Adaptation to corporate style

SEO optimization

Application form

So that you can be convinced of the expertise of our internet marketing specialists, we can do a preliminary analysis with practical recommendations for a symbolic price of $20 + and an audit of social network pages for $0.01

Contact us today, and together we will make your business visible in the world of digital marketing!