Promotion of dental services


It is important for dental clinics not only to provide high-quality services, but also to promote them effectively using Internet marketing tools. Dali Marketing Agency offers comprehensive solutions that include SMM, website creation, SEO, launch of advertisements and development of advertising layouts.
SMM (Social Networks)

Social media is a powerful tool for attracting new patients and maintaining the loyalty of existing customers. Dali Agency will help you create attractive content for different platforms. These can be posts about the clinic’s services, patient reviews, promotional offers and useful tips on dental care.
We cooperate with Master Class dentistry and create quality content for the clinic. A corporate style was developed, based on which stories and visuals are created:

Advantages of SMM for dentistry:

  1. Direct contact with the audience – an opportunity to quickly answer questions and receive feedback.
  2. Increasing brand awareness – regular publications and interaction with subscribers build trust.
  3. Targeted advertising – setting up targeted ads to attract local customers.

Site creation
A professional website is the business card of any dental clinic. “Further” agency will provide you with the development of a site that will be not only attractive, but also functional. Convenient navigation, adaptive design and SEO optimization will ensure your site high traffic and attract new customers.
For Master Class dentistry, a site was developed that helps stand out from the competition, is convenient to use and helps to improve the clinic’s position in the search engine.

The Dali agency offers the creation of modern and functional websites that include the following elements:

  • Adaptive design – convenient viewing on any device.
  • Convenient navigation – easy access to information about services, prices, contacts and appointment.
  • SEO optimization – ensuring high positions in search engines.
    For an amount of $480 or more, you get:
  • A full-fledged business website based on a modular system
  • Mobile and tablet version of the site
  • Adaptation to corporate style
  • SEO optimization
  • Application form

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEO is a key factor in ensuring a site’s visibility in search engines. The Dali agency conducts a comprehensive site audit and offers effective strategies to improve its ranking.
The main stages of SEO for dentistry:

  1. Keywords – selection of relevant keywords that are often used by potential patients.
  2. Content – creation of high-quality and informative content that meets user requests.
  3. Technical optimization – improvement of site loading speed, setting of meta tags and internal links.
    Launch of Advertisements
    Contextual and targeted advertising help to quickly attract new customers. The Dali agency sets up advertising campaigns in Google Ads and social networks.
    Advantages of contextual advertising:
  • Precise targeting – ads are shown only to those users who are looking for dental services.
  • Quick result – an instant flow of customers immediately after the launch of the campaign.
  • Budget control – the possibility of flexible management of advertising expenses.
    Thanks to successful advertising in Google Ads, we managed to bring our clients to the top for the request: “Teeth implantation Ternopil”.

Advertising layouts
High-quality advertising layouts are important for attracting attention and creating a positive image of the clinic. Dali Agency develops creative banners, posters, signs, neon signs and other advertising materials that effectively present your services.
The main principles of developing advertising layouts:

  1. Visual appeal – use of bright colors and professional photos.
  2. Informativeness – a clear and understandable presentation of the clinic’s key benefits and services.
  3. Brand consistency – preservation of a single style and tonality in all materials.
    Examples of advertising layouts that we developed for Master Class dentistry:

Internet marketing is an integral part of successful dental business promotion. The Dali marketing agency offers a comprehensive approach that includes SMM, site creation, SEO, launch of advertisements and development of advertising layouts. By working with professionals, you will be able to attract new patients, increase brand awareness and ensure the sustainable growth of your clinic.