Recommendations for increasing the conversion of the website of the Internet marketing department dali _ win .


With good traffic, it has a low conversion rate. In fact, a huge number of factors can affect conversion. 12 simple recommendations from SEO experts regarding the increase in site conversion.

1. Set up Google Analytics

This is the first thing worth starting to increase the conversion of the site. The rebuilt analytics will help you to understand from which channel and by what requests the target users come to you, as well as the effect of your manipulations on the conversion of the site.

2. Carry out split tests.

Split testing often helps to reveal unexpected features of the selling pages: what you thought was not working can convert visitors several times better than you imagined. Do not rely on intuition – analyze and test each element of the page, and in a variety of options.

3. Analyze the quality of traffic on all channels of attraction.

Poor quality traffic is wasted energy, time and money.

4. Experiment with new key phrases in ad campaigns.

For this, it is better to foresee a separate budget.

5. Optimize forms on the site.

Filling out the form should not turn into a puzzle – leave only the main points.

6. Post important information in plain sight.

Phone, basket and other important information (FAQ, callback, search by parameters, etc.) should be clearly visible.

7. Tell us how to get to you.

If you are waiting for your clients in the office, then tell us how to reach you on foot, by subway, by car. Place on the site maps with route maps.

8. Add an online consultant to the site.

The opportunity to talk with a company representative can lead to an increase in conversion several times.

9. Convince the visitor that you can be trusted.

To do this, you can use the logos of financial systems, logos of your partners, certificates, certificates, reviews. For online stores it will be useful to post information about the return guarantee and increase the number of payment methods.

10. Lay out images of high quality.

Visitors are important to see the image that gives them an idea of ​​the quality of the proposed product. Show the product from all sides. If technology allows, you can use three-dimensional models, shooting at 360 degrees and even video.

11. Involve your visitors.

Generate only the content that will be useful and interesting to your target audience. Do not hesitate – after a while this tactic will increase traffic and increase conversion. The strategy is simple and works like this:

12. Make a pre-sale already on the “Thank you” page.

Here the buyer will not leave you anywhere. Please note that the cost of the “pre-sold” goods must be small in this case: 1 – 7% of the purchase price.