Remarketing – its essence, types and tips for use


Surely each of us is wondering why when we search for something on the Internet after that we get a lot of advertising related to that search?  How does it work?

This is true, you need to go to the site literally once, as advertising will immediately begin to haunt you.  No wonder this is just an effective promotion of a marketing technique called remarketing (or re-targeting).

Remarketing is just a versified banner ad that targets a specific user after they visit a specific site that uses that technology.  More than 95% of people leave the site without buying anything.  Remarketing allows you to bring back a user who recently visited your site or worked with the application.  Remarketing is banner advertising, but which is a personalized pain.  So it is more likely to coincide with human interests.

The main purpose of remarketing is to return the customer to the site, and complete the action to purchase the product.

If simpler, it is needed to increase sales.

How does remarketing work?  How does he know that we visited this site?

In order for remarketing to work, you need to place a snippet of java code when developing the site.  This is necessary so that when you visit the site, an anonymous file is created, and when the user who visited the site continues to use, then the advertising providers place them where you visit.

Simply put, going to the site triggers the code, and the user when logging in to another social network with a similar rate of production, sees the advertising of the site he visited earlier.

  What are the types of remarketing?

The first is the standard – it’s a normal ad, when the user does not go to this site for a long time, it reminds him of this

Orientation – the audience gets to the main interests of visitors

Search engine – helps set limits for finding and attracting visitors

Customer– analyzes and searches for an audience

Dynamic remarketing – shows offers that the visitor was interested in.

To properly use remarketing you need:

Label all pages of the site to collect information about the interests of visitors.

Work on traffic, because the more people visit your site, the more you can gather information and sell goods.

You also need to combine remarketing with targeting, which will increase the efficiency of budget development.

So it doesn’t matter if you own a big store or you are just starting out, but setting up remarketing properly will allow you to increase your sales.  After all, it is aimed at those people who have already attracted attention to your product, which means that the return potential will be higher than the money spent.