SMM Trends 2020: what to take into consideration?

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Marketing is developing rapidly. Digitalization is getting more and more updates and smartphones and gadgets have become an integral part of our everyday life. The previous year was the year of growth of both social networks and their trends. We have carried out the analysis and distinguished what will have a mainstream effect in 2020.

Virtual and Augmented Reality: brand new world

If you are an Instagram or TikTok user, you must notice that people frequently use masks in their stories. In the beginning of 2020 so-called prediction masks became popular. This technology is in-dev and will broaden its function and potential in order to attract more users.

Chat Bots: assistant 1.0

Chat Bots have grown considerably and are used in Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp etc. Nowadys, the main goal of marketers in this scope is the optimization of bots, AI improvement, full optimization, focus on clients’ needs and coverage of wide range of issues.

They have a great perspective for growth, because consequently, they will perform purchases and sales just in a few clicks.

Social networks as marketplaces: a challenge for the USA and China

There are many Instagram and Facebook profiles, which conduct a sale of various goods: cloths, gadgets, furniture and so on. This tendency is becoming more popular and gives a challenge to greater marketplaces (such as AliExpress or Amazon). Salesman knows a lot about a product and can describe it in details for the customer.

Moreover, the proposals on different goods may appear for the user depending on his or her preferences and search results. Another factor is that customers can order a product and rely on open and effective communication with sender.

Voice interaction: you said – you found

The apps such as Siri, Alice, Bixby are just considered to be in-dev because of the short range of voice commands (surely, they realize the fundamental commands). In 2020 an effort will be made not only to improve these apps, but also to create such apps for social networks. For example, you may use it if you write posts or need to find something.

Voice messages have become very popular as they require less time than texts. They also facilitate the comunnication process.

Visualization: the vanguard of your line

It is constantly said: “never tell the book by the cover”, but in SMM this saying is interpreted in other way. Primarly, the users will notice photos, post covers, avatars, infographics. Some users take screenshots to deliver the information, writing down a short commentary.

Colour harmony is in trend. Thus, learn the colour psychology in marketing. A lot of people like a unique perfectionism, that’s why it’s very important to make your profile non-chaotic.

Text: is it relevant?

The text was, is and will be relevant. Another thing is how to provide it. Users don’t want to read long articles with difficult definitions and without any division on categories, paragraphs and punctuation. Hence, an attractive text 2020 will be a precise, clear text focused on an exact target audience, where different fonts are used. There should be also the division on parts and highlighted important facts.

Infographics have become rather popular, lots of their samples you can find om Pinterest. They display the information in a schematic and clear way. Moreover, visualization described in the previous point is used here fully. You can use the app Canvas if you want to create the infographic.

Verification: no more two of “Me”

Instagram and YouTube make the veridication process quite strict. Facebook has considerably improved its privacy policy. It is done in order to prevent the complete filling of servers by inactive accounts, that are created to artificially increase the audience or to share misinfirmation and/or spam.

Furthermore, a lot of attention will be paid to the personalization of an account. The main purpose – simplifying the analysis of clients’ wishes and his or her potential targets.

Top social networks: nothing has changed

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube remain the most popular social network among the world. WeChat as a local network is rather popular in China. Nevertheless, Telegram and TikTok are the social networks which have the biggest potential to become world leaders. They have a positive growth rate, wide range of functions, innovations and last, but not least – availability for youth.

Video Content: rapid expansion

According to researches made by CISCO, videos will cover approximately 82% of content bu the end of 2022. And there is a bulk of examples why: entertaining videos on IGTV or TikTok, YouTube channels on various topics, streaming platforms.

Great popularity will be gained by infuencers’ or even ordinary users’ videoblogs (they will be popular even if we talk about the profile of establishments). Thus, vlogs will overwhelm text blogs.

Influencers and marketing: a number matters

Doubtless, popular bloggers have not only a big audience and high profit, but also own brands of clothes, cosmetics, caterings etc. That’s why influencers are attracted to the commercials: because they have thousands or even millions of followers.

Localization: think globally – act locally

Marketers put an emphasis primarly on the local audience. It is about a tight interaction with client, like holding different events (forums, meeting, trainings, roundtables), notifications on the creation of offices and, certainly, providing with contacts. Maintenance – above all. Another issue is the realization of clients’ needs, which is more possible on the micro-level