TikTok: SMM phenomenon


All of you may have heard of the TikTok video editor app. It can surely be called “The Discovery of the Year”. Moreover, the app within its functioning is wider than the usual social network where you share your videos with cool masks and effects.

What is the feature of the platform and what role does digital marketing play there?

Over-downloads: In terms of downloads, TickTok has outperformed the popular Instagram and WhatsApp. This number has reached over 600 million and continues to grow!

Youth as the vanguard: what was the original essence of TickTok? The user shoots a video with well-known music tracks. It`s something like amateur clips. But now TickTok is much more than a fun video series. This is a great platform where already millions of people have started recording their own hits.

Frequency: According to statistics, the average user of the app turns on it approx. 9 times a day.

Kids are cool: According to the latest figures, 40% of TickTok users are children under 18 years of age.

Young people should be paid special attention, if we talk about marketing. Why?

1. There are many businesses where teens are a top priority. And it concerns education, clothing brands or entertainment.

2. Young people are underestimated, though now they are in the prime of their lives: people in the age of 14-24 segment already have their money called “pocket money”, which they get from their parents or from small earnings. Furthermore, by being proactive, they offer parents lots of ideas: where to go for a vacation, what to buy for their birthday, where to order food, etc.

3. Remember the story of the mentioned Instagram or Facebook. They also had an initial student orientation. And now they are used by almost everyone. Things can happen similarly with TikTok: nowadays, videos are recorded by schoolchildren, but why won’t the seniors start doing it tomorrow?