TOP facts about Google Ads (AdWords)

Google Ads is an advertising system that reflects sponsored links in Google search results and text ad banners on Google ad network pages, and is based on CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM (cost-per-thousand).

Google Ads Advertising Forms (Google Ads)

A Google Ads campaign is a form of search engine marketing that allows you to display short ad text in search results based on keywords chosen by the advertiser and linking the ad to the specified site. The advertiser pays when the user clicks on the Google Ads and the user goes to the advertiser’s site. As a result, online advertising covers people who are interested in a product or service and search for it on the Internet at a particular time.

A text search ad consists of two headers up to 30 characters long, a text box (up to 80 characters), and a display URL (up to 15 characters). They can be accompanied by ad extensions, including site links pointing to key sections of the site, location extensions showing the advertiser’s physical address, and call extensions showing a phone number, and allowing a phone call after clicking the “call” button.

The Google Ads campaign also displays image ads (banners) on a network of websites that work with Google, that is, on the Google content network (GDN), which is sponsored by videos on YouTube and advertising in Gmail.

The Google Ads ad forms we use:

  • Text advertising (google sponsored links)
  • Image advertising (banners)
  • video advertising
  • Product campaigns

The benefits of investing in Google advertising campaigns

Website promotion in Google Ads brings many benefits and is one of the most popular and effective forms of Internet marketing in many industries. Its main advantages are:


As soon as your Google Ads (AdWords) campaign is launched, your ad starts running and the first potential customers go to the advertiser’s site.


Google Ads campaigns are easy to modify, such as resizing budgets, keywords that display ads, and ad content. This allows you to create different advertising messages depending on the current offer.


Campaign effects are easy to measure. With the correct account configuration, you can see exactly how the PPC campaign is reaching its goal (for example, in the form of online store sales).


With a variety of targeting methods, Google Ads advertising reaches users who are interested in a particular product or service.

Is your Google advertising business worth it?

Google Ads coverage

The system allows almost any geographical area to choose in which effective advertising will be displayed on the Internet. It can be local, regional, national or international. For large cities, you can target Google Ads to selected areas.

Advertising campaign costs

The campaign for sponsored links is usually set according to the Pay Per Click model, in the price per click of the advertisement. The advertiser bears the costs only when the user clicks on the ad and goes to his website. If your Google Ads are displayed on partner sites (as text or image banners), you can pay per thousand ad impressions (CPM). The Google Ads system also allows, under certain conditions, calculations of cost per action (CPA), which regulates the effectiveness of the impact on the landing page, such as buying, sending contact information. Video ads that appear on YouTube are paid according to the cost-per-view (CPV) model.

Google Ads promotion on the Internet allows you to freely create an advertising budget depending on the goals of the campaign and its planned range. Therefore, this type of online advertising is a solution suitable for large, medium and even minimal businesses.

How can an agency that does Google Ads help?

Google Ads (Google Ads) campaigns are designed so that you can handle them yourself. However, traditionally, Google Ads campaigns should be entrusted to specialized partner companies that can make the best use of their budget to achieve their intended business goals.

DaliWin specialists are regularly trained and tested the latest solutions. We are confident that our services are of the highest quality and contribute to the development of our clients’ business.

Is the action performed by an SEM specialist?

As part of our service, we constantly prepare, configure and monitor and optimize Google Ads advertising campaigns. The client has an appointed individual manager. Our Google Ads Specialists can tell you from the beginning what type of campaigns are best to run, how to choose your keywords, and how much to invest in order for your Google Ads ad to deliver the results you want. The Google Ads Specialist then prepares the campaign, focusing on the customer’s business goals, and after launching it, he monitors the progress and constantly makes changes to improve the effectiveness of advertising. All events are held in consultation with the client, and the results of the campaign are reported monthly.

Price list for processing Google Ads / AdWords campaigns

For the Google Ads campaign, the total cost of the advertiser consists of the click budget and agency fees. In DaliWin, the monthly fee for conducting a standard campaign on sponsored links in the search engine is 15% of the budget spent, but not less than 2000 UAH. If you use several types of campaigns, this fee increases accordingly.

Selection and optimization of keywords for the campaign

Choosing the right keywords is critical to your campaign’s effectiveness. To show Google Ads on terms that potential customers are looking for, an advertiser must answer the question of what needs the offer meets and how their potential customers can search. If your keywords are too general and ambiguous, your Google Ads campaign generates low-value traffic for your advertiser. On the other hand, overly specialized keywords are used by a few users, and therefore there may not be enough ad clicks to have an effect, for example, in the form of relevant sales.

What is a keyword planner?

Keyword Planner is a tool that Google provides to find relevant phrases for Google Ads campaigns. This allows you to create a list of terms related to this proposal and get information about the estimated cost of clicks for the selected keywords. The tool also displays data on the monthly number of searches for each phrase, but to get accurate information about this, your Google account must have an active campaign. The scheduler is also used by professionals involved in website positioning.

Measure the effects of advertising on Google

The Google Ads system allows you to accurately determine the effectiveness of your campaigns with the conversion measurement option. Conversion here means the user’s action on the site that the advertiser wants. This can be a purchase in an online store, as well as sending a contact form, downloading a price list or subscribing to a newsletter. With the proper configuration of your Google Ads account, we can do this by counting conversions for individual campaigns, ad groups, keywords, or other ad targeting methods. This can stop ineffective campaigns and shift your budget, which will lead to more conversions.

Attract new customers with Google Ads!

With the Google Ads system, your business can quickly attract new customers online. All you need to do is let us know your goals, and we’ll select the appropriate types of campaigns and optimize them to bring you the highest return on investment. We will use proven methods and test new products that are not yet available to other advertisers. Rely on our experience – we have already conducted hundreds of successful campaigns!