Types of advertising campaigns – which one to choose?


Want to get started with social media marketing but don’t know how to advertise on Facebook? Here are the main types of advertising campaigns and their uses.

Of course, reading this post will give you a basic idea of the variety of ads that Facebook offers. Happy reading! 🙂

The first campaign that our clients are most interested in is Post Activity.
Campaigns for activity significantly expand the reach of a particular publication and collect likes and comments. Facebook optimizes the campaign in such a way that the ad is seen by the people who are most likely to respond to our post. As a result, the longer we target them with this type of ad, the better chance we have of building an engaged profile community.

How to use a campaign for activity under posts?

Expert Tip: Encourage interaction, build relationships, introduce yourself, reach new people, showcase your strengths, share information, promote your product.

Create a community – campaign to like the page
Encourage potentially interested people to join your profile and stay up to date with offers / events. You can create this campaign when you want to dynamically increase the number of followers.

How to like a page with the help of a campaign?

Expert advice: Build a community, reach new audiences, engage your competitors’ customers, build relationships, build brand awareness, promote your product, grow your community.

Redirection to the site – promotion on Ruch
A Ruch campaign is to drive a Facebook user directly to your website / messenger or app.

Most often, campaigns are created for traffic to a site, for example, an online store.

How to take advantage of the action on Ruch?

Expert advice: go to the online store or the most important tab on the page, expand the reach of your website, collect information about potential customers, increase brand awareness, analyze how many people are interested in your product.

Collect contacts – run a campaign
Lead generation is literally collecting lead contacts in a simple form.

Sales Lead: A person who is interested in our product or services and becomes a potential customer. A lead is someone who has left us their contact details or useful information about themselves, or contacted a company.

How to use a lead campaign?

Expert advice: organize business talks or send materials, offer free e-books, sign up for events, help stakeholders, organize consultations, attract subscribers.

Do I have to choose just one ad campaign?
When running events in the Facebook area, you can focus on a selected campaign, but also overlay different ones. Create an interested community, interact with users, create databases, redirect to an online store.

By using extra support, you will achieve a much greater effect than relying on organic varieties. In addition, creating advertising campaigns offers other opportunities. In addition to defining the purpose of your activity, you can precisely and extensively target your advertisements to selected target groups … this will allow you to reach your fans and potential customers.

A properly selected and executed advertising campaign is a very important aspect of advertising, but it is not all that you can do for your brand on the Internet!