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Let’s talk about the mass destruction virus. No, not about coronavirus, but about clickbait. Is it always bad? Can I use it correctly? What could be the consequences? ⠀

Clickbait is a loud headline, a decoy for clicks. Usually, it is associated with a yellow theme, when the user is aroused by a wild desire to click on a link. After the transition, he will usually be disappointed. But there is a correct usage.

Let’s see how clickbait works.

The title should put pressure on the basic values ​​and strong emotions of a person. Next, we take one of the headline compilation techniques, and clickbait is ready. ⠀

1. We create intrigue and mystery.

“I was cured of coronavirus in 2 days. I’ll tell you how. ”⠀

2. We use understatement.

“Scientists have discovered how the coronavirus appeared.” ”

3. We point out something that everyone should definitely see / read.

“Incredible! Everyone must know the truth about coronavirus! What are they hiding from us ?! ”

4. We turn to “you”, inspire confidence.

“Information is not for everyone. You will be among the survivors after reading! ”⠀

5. The beginning of the title is banal, the end is mysterious.

“He just ate at a Chinese restaurant, but suddenly …” ⠀

6. We exaggerate and use bright epithets.

“Siberian recipe for strengthening immunity. A thousand times cooler than any medicine! ”⠀

7. We use numbers.

“10 secrets from Chinese scientists who will save from coronavirus.” ⠀

8. We directly indicate what needs to be done.

“Click here, learn all about coronavirus.” ⠀

9. Use emotions and exclamations!

“It’s just a shock !!! New Coronavirus Details !!! ”

It’s hard not to click on such a header, the traffic is provided, but is everything so good? Of course not, because: ⠀

Clickbait affects your site’s negative rate. When the title does not meet the expectations of the visitor, he will leave the site in the first seconds. This will affect search results.

Clickbait is annoying. Users understand that there is nothing worthwhile behind clickbait. With continued use of clickbait, you will begin to lose trust and traffic.

Clickbait causes a lot of negativity in the comments. On YouTube, you grab a portion of dislikes, and you will be called a cheater.

Do not know how too?

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