We set tasks for site developers correctly

“Go there – I don’t know where, bring that – I don’t know what.” This saying perfectly describes the poorly set technical task for the development team.

Do you want to contact the agency to use the site development service? But before that, you should clearly state for yourself what exactly you want.

How to competently set tasks

If the customer already has a website, it can be redesigned. There are two options:

  1. Redesign. The visual design changes, while the content remains.
  2. Complete recycling. Everything is changing: design, content, page structure.

If you do not have a site – you can create everything from scratch. Before starting the development, the client should prepare a small presentation, which should indicate:

  1. The purpose of web page development.
  2. The target audience for which it will be intended.
  3. The structure.
  4. Content type.
  5. Functional side.

The more specific information you provide, the better the result.

We form business goals

It is necessary to understand specifically what tasks need to be solved. It depends on the characteristics of the business and the level of its development. For example, if you are just opening an online shoe store, the main purpose of the site is to introduce customers to the products.

We are looking for a common language

Only high-class specialists work in agencies, but if the customer speaks in narrowly specialized technical terms, which only he understands – effective cooperation may not work. Tasks should be written in a language that everyone can understand. The same applies to developers – it is necessary to discuss in advance what terminology will be used during the work. There should be no misunderstandings due to some technical terms.

We identify key customers

The target audience is people who are united by certain characteristics, in particular: age, gender, income. And key customers are those who will systematically visit the site and solve their problems with it. For example, if a user visits a site in the field of marketing, it is more important to determine what task he should solve than what gender or age.

We discuss the functionality of the site

Functionality – these are the options that the user makes directly on the site: log in, throw the product in the cart, place an order. You can think about all these nuances yourself or use the help of developers. For example: if you want the customer to be able to order a call back, the request sending functionality is required. If changes are planned in the future – you will need editing functionality.

And a few more tips

Small details are also important. For a good result, you should think carefully and speak:

Write scripts for each task. You can put yourself in the user’s place and determine the entry point to the site. This does not have to be the home page. Then hypothetically consider a scheme for finding the desired information by the user.

Create a preliminary site structure. Write all the necessary pages and make them a hierarchical structure.

Prepare content. These should be quality images and unique texts.

You should also determine what domain name will be on the site, whether you need a version for other digital media, what the lead time is and the approximate budget of the project.