What is businesses corporate identity for?

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In the modern world without a good design it “is not to go”. First of all it’s about the corporate identity, which largely affects the success and long lasting growth of the company. In this article we will explain why …

Recall now any company that according to your opinion, is commercially successful? I’m for 99.9% sure you immediately remember not only the name but also the logo, colors and the whole image of the brand as a whole. This is not surprising, because successful companies specifically seeking precisely this effect, sparing no time, effort and money. But how do they do it?

The answer: with the help of corporate identity!

It is true to say that only one corporate identity does not guarantee financial success in business. But its capabilities are enormous, and the power is simply amazing. And in this article I will tell you what the corporate identity, and what tangible benefits it can give to business.

What is corporate identity?

There was a narrow-minded view that corporate identity – a logo, business cards and all kinds of corporate “paper”. Not. Corporate identity – is a broader concept. To make it clearer, I will spend the following analogy:

Imagine that a company – a house. You’re not going to judge the beauty, functionality and comfort of the interior is only one color of the walls, right? You pay attention to the furniture, lighting, decorative elements on, the general atmosphere in the house. The only way you can understand, you liked the interior or not.

Similarly, with the corporate style. It is a comprehensive set of visual, linguistic, media attributes, which forms a complete image of the company:

  • logo
  • Tagline
  • Corporate fonts
  • corporate colors
  • Corporate documents
  • Advertising printing
  • souvenirs
  • Corporate web-site

To this list can also add staff uniforms, interior design offices, corporate transport and much more. The unity of all elements and is called corporate identity.

What problems are solved corporate identity?

Corporate identity is an effective strategic tool that allows companies to get more competitive advantages in the market.

There are 3 main tasks to be solved by a corporate style:

1. Company’s image

Corporate identity – is the foundation of effective communication with the audience. Thanks to a holistic way consumers perceive the brand and enter into a dialogue with it. A professionally designed corporate identity allows you to control the emotions and opinions of the audience, which arise upon contact with the brand.

2. Recognition of the company

Corporate identity is the key to brand recognition. Practice shows that consumers are better remember those companies that have a distinctive and unique corporate identity. Thus, corporate identity creates a crisp and clear image of the company, which is effectively stored audience.

3. Helps to  differentiate company

Corporate identity helps the company stand out from the competition and effectively communicate its benefits to consumers. In our time, this is crucial, since the high level of competition in the market is a serious threat not only for the young but also for established companies.

Thus, corporate identity works simultaneously on three fronts, bringing substantial benefits to business and profits. And if the company is focused on scaling and further development, without the corporate identity simply can not do.