What is Google Ads (Google AdWords)


Currently,  Internet advertising has become an integral part of the lives of more than half of the active population in the world. In this connection, we can state the fact that the use of Internet technology and content to promote business is very relevant and actual.

Social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Printerest, LinkedIn etc.) and Google are developed with the help of people who actively communicate with each other, publish information about themselves and define their range of interests. As a rule, they are all potential customers for the advertiser and the content. For a company (brand) here for a few hours may be popular, to make an active representation of any goods or services.

The most common and popular form of advertising on the net is a contextual advertising in Google ADS. And when properly configured, it is personalized (advertising), as translated target audience, namely people with certain socio-demographic data. Google ADS do not see those who are not interested in it, so called – targeting; advertisers have the opportunity to choose an audience which will show its product or service. Thus, the target – a set of technical and design solutions to select from all available audience of the site is only the part that meets the predefined criteria, the target audience and to target relevant ads is to it.

The most common way of contextual advertising is Google ADS. Pages in the Google composed of natural and promotional dispensing. Natural issuing formed as a result of complicated algorithms of search engines take into account the content of the website promotion, external links, the behavior of visitors to the site, and many other factors. By improving these parameters, it is possible to improve a site’s position in search engines. However, in a competitive subject areas withdrawal site in the top it takes a few months.

Advertising issuance (Google) is shaped differently.

The position of the ad in the search results affect mainly two parameters:

  • cost per click, the advertiser is willing to pay the search engines;
  • Review ads (CTR), which is calculated as the ratio of clicks to impressions number.

Ads with high CTR in Google ADS occupy leading positions. In addition, search engines are trying to take into account the behavior of visitors to the advertiser’s site, because it is an indicator of the quality of the whole chain: the user request> Announcements> advertiser’s site> product (service). However, even with a low CTR and a low quality of the advertised site, you can display ads on the first position due to the high price of clicks. By controlling the rate (maximum click prices), advertisers can increase or decrease your ad position repeatedly during the day.

Let us consider the system of Google ADS, which occupies about 68% of the content market. The basic object in the system, Google is an advertisement, which consists of a title, text and links to the site. In addition, ads may contain various add-ons, such as quick links to different pages of the main site. This is easy to see by looking at the search results Google for any inquiry.

Advertiser in Google ADS specifies the key phrases for which you need to show ads. The number of phrases is not limited, but their total length on one advertisement can not exceed 4096 symbols. You must understand the difference between a paid advertiser keyword phrases and search query in Google user. For example, if an advertiser pays for clicks on the phrase Contextual advertising, the ad will be displayed for all searches containing those two words, including on request Summary of contextual advertising in Google ADS.

Ad impressions on this request will result in pointless costs for two reasons:

  • Users who are looking for different disciplines, will click on the ads, but will not pay for the service of contextual advertising;
  • if these users will not click on your ads, then impressions without clicks lead to lower CTR and clicks the prices for other requests.

To exclude impressions in Google ADS on demand, including unwanted words, an advertiser can use a negative keyword list.

If you want to show your ads only on those searches that word form of words corresponds to a key phrase can be used in Google ADS operator! (exclamation mark).

Operator “” (quotes) in Google ADS allows you to prevent ad impressions for the lookup, which in addition to the key word phrases containing other words. But the use of the operator “feet” is complicated by the fact that users rarely used queries that are exactly the same keyword phrase.

For each phrase indicates advertiser bids in Google ADS. The actual cost per click never exceeds the rate, it is usually much lower. But the real price is significantly improved if a competitor raises in Google ADS, which occupies the next position from the bottom. If in this situation the advertiser slightly reduces the rate in advertising, his actual CPC is significantly reduced, and the cost per click rival markedly increased.

For each phrase indicates advertiser bids in Google ADS

The most important element of the advertisement in Google there is a link to a site that contains the domain except for the additional parameters.

Now only track in Google ADS convert this visitor to a customer and bought a service of the advertiser. Thus, these statistics allows you to assess the performance of your ads in the ad and keyword phrases and make a decision about how to disable or change the ineffective elements of the campaign.

Google ADS system allows to forecast a month in advance of the transitions and the cost of each phrase.

Usually Google ADS system forecasts for the number of visitors and the budget are too high, especially for the reason that they do not include negative keywords.

Online advertising is not only a large range of activities, through various forms of supply in Google popularizes and promotes informational manner of goods and services in electronic form – advertising, but also plays an important role in the life and online communication today’s user.

Internet advertising – Google ADS – has prospects for development more and more.