Why do you need chatbots?

Do you think that the film “The Matrix” is an ordinary fairy tale? Although we do not notice it, but artificial intelligence has long occupied a significant niche in human life. And chatbots are proof of that.

A chatbot is a program that simulates a conversation. Every day its algorithm changes and improves. Bots are used by many companies and they are becoming more popular every year. Not surprisingly, over time, chatbots will completely replace the person in the service sector.

Why do you need chatbots?

Chatbot is a computer program designed on the basis of neural networks and allows you to interact with customers in real time. Daily and uniform interaction with a large number of users requires a lot of time and money. Chatbots solve this problem. But automation is appropriate only if specific tasks are set. But modern bots answer more than just a limited number of questions. The algorithm can interact with users in complex cases.

The dialog is rewritten when the user logs on to a specific site. When the chatbot is unable to answer questions, it switches to a live person. To effectively answer user questions, the chatbot must have access to calendars, sales schedules, contact information.

Advantages of chatbots

In general, there are two main types of chatbots:

✓ With elements of artificial intelligence that can self-learn and independently update the database.

✓ With a specific behavior scenario and a fixed information base.

The main advantage of a chatbot is that the company saves on human resources. Chatbot provides advice, communicates with customers, can place orders instead of customers. The bot works without days off and sick leave. Other advantages:

  • round-the-clock support;
  • Quick Reply;
  • the ability to communicate with multiple customers simultaneously.

Unfortunately, chatbots can only answer specific questions. Therefore, the user’s behavior, which does not correspond to the planned scenario, confuses the bot. Trying to understand what the user wants, the program begins to issue clarifying questions. Sometimes this leads to comic situations.

In what areas are chatbots used

Bots can be used in various fields:

  • for interviews;
  • for user consultation;
  • to write to the electronic queue;
  • to track orders;
  • for advertising mailing;
  • for technical customer support.

But a chatbot is not always appropriate. Sometimes an individual approach to the client is required, in which case the bot will not become a full-fledged replacement for human staff.

We write text for a chatbot

Chatbot is a program. He can’t improvise, doesn’t understand sarcasm and doesn’t have a sense of humor. It corresponds only to the phrases that are written in it. The main features of the text for the chatbot:

  • Use only specific and short phrases.
  • Write down a clear structure. All answers must correspond to a logical chain.
  • The bot must have a dialogue with the client, ask questions, offer options for help.
  • Speak the company language
  • Add emoji to the text – they not only lift your spirits, but help to highlight important things in the text.
  • Avoid complicated deadlines.
  • Do not allow familiarity.
  • Teach the bot to compliment

Take a look at the bot through the eyes of the client: is everything clear, will the client be able to easily find a solution to his problem.

It is important to spell the first sentence correctly. It should show the user all the capabilities of the bot. For example: “Good afternoon. I am your virtual guide. Help you  to choose pajamas ”? Marketers are still debating whether a bot should immediately say that it is a program. Some people prefer human communication. Therefore, it is still recommended to make it clear that the client is talking to the bot, but it is possible to switch to a human operator.

An important rule! Don’t try to pretend to be a human. Better come up with your own story and character.