10 tools for writing designers and copywriters

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1. simplenote

Application with a simple, minimalist interface allows synchronous work with text on all devices. Very similar to Apple notes, for those who work at the same time with different operating systems. Create a carousel Label

2. letterspace

Notes with comfortable todo-sheets and systematization through # @ tag and mark – the application automatically groups related materials.

3. Glavred

Service – even more convenient: underline all the mistakes and controversies and give advice on how to improve the text.

4. notion

An ideal tool for collaboration – enables the team to accumulate all the information, files and project discussions, has flexible configuration of access to sections.

5. grammarly

Chrome extension, check the texts in English for errors and typos, noticing them faster than you write.

6. google docs

Universal online office suite for editing and processing of text documents. Customarily, always at hand, convenient for co-writing and editing.

7. therules.ru

Online tutorial Russian grammar Conveniently the categories, structure and clear examples.

8. typographer Muravyova 3.5

Rules for working with the text, which are important for online publishing and layout, as well as “printer” – a tool for formatting text.

9. hemingway app

Tool for checking the English text. It helps to structure the idea and set out clearly the care of the style. Create a carousel Label.

10. the ibm watson ™ tone analyzer

IBM Service, which works with the tone of the texts in English. It helps to understand the emotional coloring of texts in business communication and writing interaction with users.