What is Starlink, and what are the benefits from it?


Starlink is a telecommunications satellite system created by the American company SpaceX, owned by Ilona Mask. The system should consist of about 12 thousand satellites located in the so-called low Earth orbit at three altitudes – 340 km, 550 km and 1150 km above the Earth. What will the new Internet be used for?

Starlink—Internet for everyone?

Starlink provides high-speed broadband Internet with low latency worldwide. In each coverage area, orders are processed in turn. Using advanced low-orbit satellites, Starlink allows you to communicate in video chats, online games, streaming and other high-speed data that was previously impossible via satellite Internet.

Users can expect download speeds from 100 Mbps to 200 Mbps and delays of 20 ms in most places. The Starlink Kit comes with everything you need to connect to the Internet, including a Starlink device, Wi-Fi router, cables, and lawn mount brackets. To connect to the Internet, a Starlink antenna must clearly “see” the sky. So it makes sense to download Starlink to determine the best installation location.

Why Starlink Internet?

Starlink is ideal for regions where connectivity has been unreliable or completely unavailable. People all over the world use Starlink to access education, health services and even communication support during natural disasters. Starlink is also a leader in innovations aimed at reducing satellite brightness, minimizing the impact on astronomy and preserving the natural night sky.

SpaceX uses its experience in building rockets and spacecraft to implement the world’s most advanced broadband Internet system. As the world’s leading provider of commercial orbital services – and the only provider of reusable orbital missiles – SpaceX has solid experience in both spacecraft and orbital operations, the company said.

How does the service work?

The service is guaranteed only at the service address specified in the order. If you move Starlink outside the programmed area, no satellite will be scheduled to run on the Starlink device. Changing the address of the service may prevent you from returning to the original address due to access restrictions. After the upgrade, the service at the previous address will be terminated. Orders are processed based on the date of your first Starlink order. If you move to a new location, your queue at the new location will still depend on the date of your first order.

Starlink mobile application

To connect to satellite Internet, a Starlink antenna must clearly “see” the sky. Most users inaccurately estimate the field of view of their Starlink antenna. To ensure the best possible quality of service, download Starlink before installation to evaluate the field of view at your chosen installation location.

Screenshots from the Starlink mobile application

For more information, including the order form and answers to frequently asked questions, visit the official website of the service at starlink.com.

Starlink’s terminals are already in Ukraine

Elon Musk, President of SpaceX, personally oversaw the delivery of Starlink terminals to Ukraine. Starlink’s terminals can be extremely useful. Ukraine’s Internet infrastructure still seems to continue to function relatively well, despite ongoing struggles not only in the physical world but also in cyberspace. The Internet is used for further relatively effective governance, as well as for ordinary citizens who can stay in touch with their relatives in Ukraine.