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Brand manager profession


Brand managers are responsible for monitoring market trends and performing competitive analysis to ensure that their brands’ products and services remain relevant to current and potential customers.

Typical responsibilities of a brand manager include:

  • conducting marketing research in order to keep abreast of customer trends, as well as to predict future trends.
  • strategizing and managing marketing campaigns on print, broadcast and online platforms to ensure that products and services meet customer expectations and build trust in brands.
  • They should also assess the effectiveness of how successful the marketing and advertising campaigns have been.
  • Control and harmonize advertising products, their design and other marketing tools that are used to build a brand
  • Negotiate with clients and partners, constant communication with colleagues from different departments, which affect the development of the brand (in particular, with colleagues from the marketing sphere)
  • managing budgets and a team of junior assistants
  • organizing events such as product presentations, exhibitions and photo sessions.

What skills do you need to have to become a professional in the field?

– Analytical skills and attention to detail

– Understanding of trends and the ability to respond to the wishes of customers.

– Creativity and ability to create innovative and original ideas

– Teamwork skills

– Ability to manage and distribute the budget

– Written and oral communication skills

– Experience and understanding of marketing research

– Skills in time and project management, including the ability to work on multiple projects at the same time

– Ability to think strategically and come up with campaigns

How to become such a specialist?

1. Remember education

It is desirable for brand managers to have higher education in such specialties as marketing, communications, advertising, economics, etc.

2. Take specialized courses

Individuals who receive professional certifications are more likely to get the job they want because certification assures employers that you have acquired the necessary competencies to get the job done.

3. Start your job search.

When you’re ready to apply for a brand manager job, search the internet for positions, particularly large number of vacancies available on Jooble… Create your resume and cover letter to reflect the needs of companies and positions.

4. Make connections

Professional networks can position you as a desirable candidate for positions in companies of interest to you. Attending social events and networking workshops can help you meet other professionals who may recommend certain roles for you.

Чоловік в білй сорочі