5 mistakes in ordering the site

This article will help you save your nerves and save time, money.

1 mistake – Misunderstanding goals ⠀

Often, customers do not represent their site and do not understand the tasks that this resource will perform.

 2 error – Site content ⠀

The customer delays with the provision of content, but may say: “I have no content. Come up with everything yourself, and then I will correct it. ” In order to create high-quality content for your site, you need to have a clear idea of ​​your activities. The developer, of course, will be able to collect information for the site from an Internet, but you are individual 😉

This will help in the future to avoid excessive adjustments!

 3 error – Inefficient budget allocation ⠀

Often the customer has difficulty in allocating the budget and has difficulty in strategic costing.

Some customers spend more money on advertising at the expense of design, which ultimately leaves the site without a twist for the visitor. Others, on the contrary, focus on design, but do not allocate funds for initial promotion.

4 error – Timing ⠀

Unorganized  information by the customer. Subsequently, the planned dates are postponed. Everything “burns” at the customer’s place, BUT

At the stage of site development, new tasks constantly arise that do not correspond to the TOR. Often the design concept changes, because the customer does not clearly understand WHAT he wants, and someone constantly advises him something.

 5 error – Think: “I like the site, which means it is good.”

When ordering a site, each client can have their own preferences, but for the benefit of the case, it is still better to listen to the arguments of an experienced specialist. ⠀

If you want your site to bring customers, has a high conversion rate, then it is better to contact a specialist who has successful experience in creating sites. ⠀

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