Case. SMM-consulting Vitamin Health and Beauty Center

We will remind you about our service “SMM-consulting” (setting up social networks for business promotion:

help at the start when you do not know where to start promotion,

business owners to move independently.

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About the project

Vitamin Health and Beauty Center

The owner of the center first turned to us for help with SMM management, but after communication we found out his doubts whether he really needed the help of the agency, because he already had employees in the team who would lead this brand on social networks.

In this case, our agency DaliWin Agency has a special consulting product.

CONSULTING is our strategy development and positioning. SMM is ready for training and all the instructions so that the owner or his marketer can effectively develop the business on social networks.

This is a detailed strategy, work plan, support, templates, TRAINING of company employees.

The client receives:

  • fully ready to work social networks;
  • initial filling and detailed instructions on how to continue work.

Convenient in the case when the company has its own marketer, but lacks the knowledge and skills to set up and optimize advertising. No idea of ​​integrated work and systematization of all processes.

What is included in our consulting :


  • We are developing a promotion strategy. We work without templates. Everything is individual.
  • We analyze direct competitors, related products and highlight UTP.
  • We analyze and audit the current positioning and promotion strategy, brand, communication.
  • We develop a creative concept and style of communication (design code, packaging of social networks).
  • We develop a media plan and generate hypotheses for the target.
  • We pass all customer data and train him.

What do you get :

  • Avoiding risks and uncertainty at the most important stage of work – at the start of promotion.
  • Developed promotion strategy for your business.
  • Knowledge and skills for self-optimization of the promotion process.
  • Assistance in implementing the strategy in business. An assistant who will be in constant contact with you.

And now on the example of the Health and Beauty Center “Vitamin”

1. Getting started: researching the niche, competitors and the business

What we did:

Collected a brief from the owner of the Center for Health and Beauty “Vitamin”

As a result, identified: competitive advantages, special offers, added value for customers, mission and goals.

The owner has a network of centers in Ukraine. This means that he has experience in this field, reputation and regular customers.


– identified the benefits of such a salon,

– price category.

– identified the CA and divided it into segments. Each segment was prescribed its characteristics, features in decision-making, goals and desires,

Why do we pay special attention to strategy development?

Because this is the starting point and basis for all further activities.

The success of the same advertising depends on two elements: creativity and accuracy. In order to achieve this accuracy, you need to thoroughly study the CA, to understand what drives it.

And we knew from experience that medicine is a special niche

Demand is not characterized by impulsiveness. People rarely make the decision to enroll in procedures in the here and now. The main task is to make people remember our center when they need it. They came to us, not to competitors.

– analyzed competitors and identified general trends in promotion.

2. Packed social networks “Health and Beauty Center” Vitamin “

Developed an avatar

Created 2 separate pages:

Health Center



Beauty center



Developed banners for Facebook

Added fixed Storis

Developed templates for posts

3. Determine the positioning, style and presentation of content

Based on the CA analysis, a content strategy was developed

Collected tags

Created headings and selected unique tags-rubricators

Prepared and issued a content plan.

Generated a huge number of ideas for posts, stories and IGTV. Divided ideas by types of content (informational, reputational, commercial and entertainment).

3. We are working on traffic

Collected audience hypotheses for the target

Prepared advertising creatives

Gathered all the ideas of offers and suggestions for further advertising campaigns

We conducted a test advertising campaign and received the first orders.

4. We work on attracting the audience

Told about all kinds of interactives on social networks

Developed a plan to attract audiences to the account

As a result, what the Center Health and Beauty “Vitamin” received :

  • Developed promotion strategy
  • CA segments, UTP and triggers for each segment
  • Developed a content strategy and a bunch of content ideas for several months, headings and hashtags
  • Templates for accounts
  • Packed account
  • Ad campaigns are set up and hypotheses are collected for further advertising campaigns
  • All necessary documents with statistics, etc.
  • Cooperation with the client lasted 3 months.

We also did separately:

Business cards were developed and printed

Developed  advertising booklet

We are working on creating and promoting the site

SMM-CONSULTING is an indispensable solution for those who want to get a professional approach, avoid risks at the start, because we provide a complete package.

If you have your own specialist within the company, then this service is optimal and really useful for your business.

Want an SMM, but don’t know where to start? Don’t trust freelancers?

Write to us and you will avoid all risks.