Collaboration with celebrities. Is It Worth Investing In Influence Marketing?

One of the effective ways to promote a brand and gain the trust of recipients on social networks is to work with influential people. Nothing connects with the recipients like a famous and beloved person, which further evokes recognition. Not surprisingly, many brands, such as Huawei, brand their products in the face of Robert Lewandowski, one of the best football player in the world.

Influence marketing – what to “eat” it with?

Impact marketing is, in the simplest definition, a form of network marketing. It consists in promoting products or services on social networks and posting them by influential people. Most often, celebrities with an already formed audience. The most important thing in the activities of influential people is to reach as large a group of potential customers as possible. Therefore, the number of subscribers is very important. It is important that when choosing a brand ambassador, we must be guided not only by its range, but also the content. If this is consistent with the vision of our brand, it will effectively influence marketing. This will allow the campaign to be not only consistent but also reliable. Instagram is the best tool for marketing influence. However, Tik Tok also has a huge share of active online campaigns.

Many brands, noticing the potential of Tik Tok, moved their activities to this program. A great example of using Tik Tok in an advertising campaign is the Adidas brand. The company thanks to the ZX 2K Boost campaign. proved how users can compete on their profiles, challenging themselves and their interpretations. Not only for the benefit of gaining new followers and embracing yourself, but also for the benefit of the company.

Advantages of working with influencers.

Of course, cooperation with brand ambassadors is a good advertising solution. Among the influential people – not only celebrities, but also:

  • YouTubers;
  • instagrammers;
  • tickers;
  • gamers;
  • bloggers.

In short, brand ambassadors can be anyone who does business on the Internet. And they are gaining great popularity with their activities, creating their own group of recipients.

The main advantages of effective marketing influence are:

  • coverage of a huge number of recipients;
  • truthfulness and gaining trust;
  • increase profits;
  • high results in the Google search engine;
  • original form of product advertising;
  • lower cost of achieving coverage;
  • accurate target audience;
  • viralove publications or hashtags with the brand.

Once we are just starting to work with influencers, we may make some major mistakes, including these include:

  • Submitting a failed resume – importantly, the detailed information it contains about the campaign, product, and impact expectations prevents many misunderstandings.
  • Lack of trust – if we force the influencer to change the style of communication, recipients may feel the artificiality of the transmitted content. A good campaign is to balance the ambassador’s freedom and keep your hand on the pulse.
  • Lack of individual approach – not to perceive the ambassador as a bulletin board
  • Inaccurate reflection – so it is important to choose the right promoter, character and method of communication that corresponds to the brand. Otherwise, a bad choice will very quickly turn against us
  • Not only an achievement, but also a commitment – we must pay special attention to the real commitment of the target group. This is exactly what will give us confidence in the effective achievement of our product
  • Lack of naturalness – the most important thing – is the naturalness and ingenious interweaving of the product in the content published on social networks. To maintain the consistency and integrity of advertising, and especially to support

Advertising agency and cooperation with influential people.

If we are interested in working with influential people, the best solution is to work with an advertising agency. In particular, specializing in influence marketing.

It is important that contacts with many celebrities are often difficult. That is why it is worth betting on an agency with a good contact base. An advertising agency is also a highly experienced professional who plans the entire advertising campaign properly. In addition, they will come into contact, making it easier to work with influential people.
In addition, cooperation with the agency will allow you to determine the individual conditions of activity with the brand ambassador. Due to this, the prepared campaign will be well thought out. And importantly, professionally trained also in terms of content and visualization.