What’s happened Signal?


Signal is a free instant messaging app for mobile devices that sets itself apart from the competition with a greater focus on user privacy.

What is Signal, and how does it work?

Instant messaging today is a very practical tool used by billions of people around the world. Thanks to the wireless connection, remote contact with loved ones is very fast. Currently, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp are the most frequently installed programs, but other players in the market are setting out to catch up with their results in terms of the number of downloads.

Signal messenger is becoming more and more popular among users. The Signal Foundation creates this software. Like other apps available on Google Play and the App Store, Signal uses an Internet connection to communicate by text or voice, and to transfer multimedia files.

However, there is an aspect where Signal should be distinguished from other applications. The messenger, according to the manufacturer, guarantees complete confidentiality. You need a phone number to register, and all downloadable content is end-to-end encrypted and peer-to-peer. This is an innovative technology that prevents third parties from reading and changing the conversation. In addition, you have several additional features at your disposal, such as hiding the location in conversations and limiting the number of views of images or videos for the recipient.

Is Signal really a private messenger?

Wondering if Signal really protects your data and allows you to securely contact your friends? You can dismiss the worry as this messenger is considered to be the best software on the market in terms of user protection. The aforementioned message encoding standard used in the program effectively prevents attempts to intercept transmitted text and multimedia files. Their declassification always takes place on the recipient’s device, so unauthorized persons do not have access to it.

Moreover, unlike Facebook’s tools, it’s not the tech giants who optimize Signal and develop new solutions. This is a huge advantage, as large social networks usually share sensitive information with their business partners. This type of practice is designed to tailor ads to your preferences, but is very privacy intrusive. With Signal, you don’t have to worry about that.

Signal vs. Messenger and WhatsApp

Should I download and install the Signal app on my smartphone instead of using Messenger or WhatsApp? User opinions are divided – usually young people prefer a messenger connected to a Facebook account, and for older people, WhatsApp is more convenient – one of the few well-known programs. Signal is popular, for example, among people whose professions are related to the protection of important conversations.

If you need complete privacy and want to keep in touch with your friends without interruption, Signal seems like a better option than Messenger or WhatsApp. Encryption of digital correspondence and the ability to restrict the recipient’s access to sent files means you don’t have to worry about security. As for two messengers, you must agree that they will collect a lot of information about you and send it to Facebook.

How to switch from WhatsApp to Signal?

Moving from one messenger to another, it’s hard to take everything with you. However, users who want to start using Signal while leaving WhatsApp can transfer members of all WhatsApp groups to Signal.

How to transfer WhatsApp group members to Signal? The whole procedure takes place in a few simple steps:

  • Open the Signal app and tap the three dots in the top-right corner to create a new group in the app.
  • Suggest a group name and add contacts to include.
  • Open a new group chat window in Signal, tap the three dots again and go to Settings, then Group Link, then tap Share.
  • Open a WhatsApp group chat, paste the link to the group, and you’re done.

Signal vs WhatsApp – what is Signal missing?

The first thing that users who want to switch to Signal notice is that Signal doesn’t have a standalone desktop program. All because of the message encryption created by the founders of Signal. The only thing they could offer us already is desktop apps that connect to a smartphone and sync messages locally.

Signal is a WhatsApp-like program, but in the case of group calls, Signal still needs to work on it. This app still has far fewer stickers and gifts than WhatsApp.

True, we can use both programs at the same time. However, if we do not want our data to end up on Facebook, then we should consider the Signal program, which has recently been called the most secure messenger.


So, does the Signal messenger deserve your attention? Of course, yes, if you care about online security and privacy. End-to-end message encryption is a gigantic benefit of the program and also respects user privacy. The fact that you and the recipient of your information can see digital conversations means you don’t have to worry about attacks from cybercriminals. Despite its shortcomings, Signal turns out to be an interesting alternative to Messenger and WhatsApp, so give it a try.