Corporate identity


Corporate identity is a key element in creating a company or brand image. Professional branding of the company stands out in the market, attracts the attention of potential customers.

It works convincingly that corporate identity is one of the main in the design of logo and corporate materials. Modern business and communications requirements need a broader approach to corporate identity. Modern corporate identity is not in the creation of several projects, but requires the development of a visual branding system. Visual identification is a prelude to building a reliable business and a key element of brand positioning in the industry.

Corporate identity, visual identification

Visual identification is the main tool for creating a brand image in the market. This term is usually used to get a clear and consistent identification of the market and differentiate it from competing brands. A consistent visual system is the most important element of complex identification.

A brandbook is a description of the procedures used in the company’s graphic marking. It is designed to give a clear and clear definition, it will logically refer to the brand, its logo and organizational culture.

The elements of the system allow you to identify the company for potential clients and business partners. Brandbook is of particular importance in the beginning of business when it comes to the market of first customer contacts with the company. The first impression can be one-off, so you need to make sure that all the elements evoke the desired feelings and emotions.

Rules for creating a corporate identity

Corporate identity must meet certain criteria:

  • company characteristics and policies;
  • easy to remember;
  • to call customer feedback;
  • creation of a conceptual idea and its thorough implementation.

Elements of corporate identity

Corporate identity consists of visual elements. The wider the whole system will be considered, the greater the degree of its influence.

Elements of corporate identity include:

  • logo – original trademark
  • corporate colors and typography – fonts, font sizes
  • visual appearance of printed materials (business cards, flyers, banners)
  • marketing and brand promotion
  • the appearance of the products and their packaging
  • site
  • the dress code of the staff, the design of the premises in the company office, exhibition stands, etc.

Officially, you can record these elements in a special book – Brandbook.

The brandbook describes all the possible aspects in which the company builds its brand. This is the official report on the regularity of the company presentation, which comprehensively describes the elements of the identification system and the methods and rules for their use. Brandbook systematizes all assumptions of corporate identity.

Therefore, a brand book may include the following visual identification of the company:

  • Company symbols – logo, flag, symbols, decorative elements
  • corporate colors
  • typographic materials – font style and size
  • printed materials – letterheads, envelopes, corporate record cards, business cards, business documents, invoices, invoices and other business forms
  • templates for advertising, marketing, audio-visual forms, presentations, printed materials for public relations
  • the appearance of the site and social media
  • marking of vehicles
  • design office and company environment – architecture and decoration of buildings, office interiors, outlets
  • visual information – information plates, bulletin boards, internal and external signboards, corporate signs
  • other means of identification (flags, banners, mascots, souvenirs)

Visual identification records can be expanded to a speech communication book that includes: company slogan, slogans, words, key names, and suggested standard texts. All these elements have a verbal visual form. You can attach media that contain music identification elements.

Why corporate identity?

Precisely because it is the basis for all communication with the public. By using it, you can ensure the unity of visual and content components of your services and products, as well as any information that comes from your business. Thanks to good identification, the consistency of brand communications can be achieved. All brand elements should be consistent and logical when creating new materials or messages. Graphic materials are a part of brand communication, because when sending messages, clients have certain feelings and associations.

Benefits of visual identification?

The branding process should be consistent and well thought out. If you start the process of creating your brand with the creation of corporate identity, you will receive not only consistency of graphics, but also consistency of all communication of the brand.

Creating a visual identity is a good investment in brand development. Of course, in the beginning

Only you will need a logo and business cards. Subsequently, investments invested in visual identification will return. Other projects will be much easier to implement, and the designer does not need to design all over again, but just to continue working. Thus, the whole process of creating a brand with professional visual identification is simply cheaper in the long run.


The professional branding of your brand will help you stand out among others, attract the attention of potential customers by what you can trust. Therefore, one should think holistically about the identification of the company. The logo is an original visual image that contains a concise graphic reproduction of the company name or reflects the essence of its activities.

We offer you a unique design that combines visual and informational tools. It will help to make a loud statement on the market and stand out against other companies.

We will develop for you the following components of corporate identity:

  • design of logo or trademark;
  • a combination of corporate colors and corporate fonts;
  • design of business cards, letterheads and other branded printed products;
  • electronic and fax message layouts;
  • corporate brochures and folders.

Also, our company offers the creation of a beautiful and stylish site, will expand the target audience and increase the brand’s popularity.